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Monday, November 01, 2010

This will be a brief (but accurate) update for the non-facebookies or those seeking more detail.

So, on Friday, I went to an appointment with Mia (who was then at 36 weeks, 1 day). When I got there I found out that her blood pressure was really high and they were a bit concerned, so they sent us to the hospital so that she could be “observed for the next 24 hours…or have a baby.” When they checked her BP upon arrival at the hospital it was perfectly normal and good, so they discussed discharging her…then she mentioned that she had lower back pain and cramping. Right, those would be contractions, and sure enough they started to pick up on the monitor. So, then it looked like she wouldn’t be going home. I had to leave after an hour to go do music for Matthew’s class Harvest Party; Mia promised to keep me posted.

At 7:30pm, I received a text message (Mia’s fave form of communication) saying that she was going home. Then, two hours later I got another saying, “Actually, I’m staying for now.” We went to bed wondering if we’d actually have an October baby rather than a November one. However, Saturday morning at 8am I received a “Annnnd, now I’m goin’ home” message. OK.

Then tonight I received, “Back in the hospital, will give you updates.” To which I responded, “Like baby’s comin’?” To which she responded, “Like induction.” (Isn’t text message correspondence riveting?!). So, we scrambled like mad, got the boys bathed, fed, and rushed up to my parents’ for the night only to receive this message: “I get to go home” and “nope” to my question of the induction actually happening. I’m confused and I obviously don’t have all the details. She was evidently feeling something at home – enough to take her to the hospital and enough for them to say “Yeah, let’s get this baby outta there” but then they changed their minds…?! Why? Anyway, Thursday will be 37 weeks and ‘officially’ full-term and it really WOULD be nice to follow the baby-baking rules for once and not always be jumping the gun and doing the early baby thing! At least we know that Baby Girl is already a week and at least a pound over where we got with either of the boys.

Halloween was great, by the way. We went to the BEST party and had a lot of fun trick-or-treating. Check out our cuteness!

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