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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I don’t really know how to begin describing the last 48 hours, no wait 24 hours, no I’m not even sure how long it’s been. It feels like two weeks. What day is it? Where am I?! Anyway…still no baby. This is possibly the longest, slowest, most full of false-alarms labor that I’ve ever-never had ever. Does that make sense? Excuse me if I’m a bit tired. While I admit I’m obviously not the one going through the physical (or even the most of the emotional) fatigue here, this labor is EXHAUSTING. It’s the waiting, the not knowing that is excruciating. The weekend’s been full of highs and lows though mostly more highs than lows and thankfully God’s grace is with me and I’ve even handled the lows “fairly well” (according to Mike). I honestly don’t know if I can even remember the events, but I’ll try. It started Friday late morning with an ominous text from Mia that her blood pressure was high, things weren’t looking so good and baby was not responding. (I had NO IDEA what that meant). Then I was told that they were inducing her with Pitocin at 1pm on Friday afternoon, then told Friday evening that she was induced and in active labor (waited all night for news, heard nothing), Saturday morning found out that Mia had not actually been induced with Pitocin but more docile stuff. Then told she’d be induced at 10am. Then told maybe not until 6pm then told maybe not until 10pm. (All the while, we think that she HAD been induced at the predicted hour, so we’re FINALLY thinking labor is underway only to find out nothing’s happened). November 12th bday? Nope. November 13th bday? Looking like nope. November 14th bday? We can hope!!

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