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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turns out, we’re possibly having a baby tomorrow. Joy called on Wednesday to let us know that Mia will very likely be induced tomorrow…I don’t know what time, I don’t know why, I don’t know when we’ll actually get to see Baby, I just know that we made it to 38 weeks (woohoo!) and as Joy said, we should prepare for a possibly “confusing and chaotic time at the hospital this weekend.” (Meaning, emotions will be running high for us and obviously for our birth mom and her family and really, anything can happen. This is terrifying and exciting. It’s terrixciting. It’s excifying). At the earliest, Baby will be coming home with us on Sunday!!

Ever since I got the news, I’ve been a nesting fool. I’ve never been able to nest before. Matthew came five weeks early and being in the hospital for 7 weeks pre-Zachary obviously didn’t provide the opportunity either. I must say that knowing approximately-exactly when a baby is coming is definite motivation for major productivity. I’ve actually made meals ahead of time to freeze! I’ve done tons of laundry and the cleaning – man, the cleaning! Today, I touched up the master bathroom paint and every floor and counter in the house was vacuumed, scrubbed, and rubbed. When I was in the middle of cleaning-craziness I asked Zachary to pick his toys up off of the floor lest the vacuum consume them. He put his hands on hips and in a dramatic stage voice said, “Mom, how DARE you command us to do all of the cleaning here!” Um, hmmm. Ungrateful little stinker (who is way too cheeky and cute for his own good).

This afternoon, I took the boys to Build-a-Bear. This had been Matthew’s very special “new big brother” activity when Zachary was born, so we decided that since Zach will soon accept this title, he, too, would get to build a friend (and Matthew would get to pick out a new outfit for his). We had such a fun time! Matthew picked an army outfit for his bear (extra appropriate as it’s Veteran’s Day) and Zachary made a puppy, picked a Batman outfit and named him “Batdog.” The boys also get to do a couple of fun things tomorrow before I take them for sleepovers at my Mom & Dad’s. Matthew had been invited to a birthday party for this Saturday. Well, with the news that we’ll be in the middle of having a baby, going back and forth to the hospital, and who-knows-what-all will go down, I mean-mommily decided that it would be a lot easier for Matthew to just skip the party and be in the care of the grandparents. When I broke the (bad) news to Matthew that he’d have to miss Mick’s party because of the (good!) news that Baby Sister would be born he was…uh…dev.a.stated. To put it mildly.

Matthew has claimed for quite some time that adopting a baby girl was all his idea and he has taken much pride in announcing this to many. Well, when he found out that the birth of Baby Sister would seriously cramp his party-going style, he quickly said, “I change my idea.” Well, THIS idea of changing HIS idea of adopting Baby Sister was quickly shot down and I told him I’d try to arrange for a special playdate with Mick in lieu of attending his birthday party. Mick’s mom, my neighbor/friend Julie was so excited about the baby news that she readily offered to bring Matthew along for their family birthday outing tomorrow – to go to a movie and ice cream. So Zachary and are going to go to the Seattle Childrens’ Museum which he is THRILLED about. All of this, while I clutch my cellphone in my hand and pretend that I can think about things non-baby related.

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