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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update :)

Today was stitches-removal Day 2.  We went in yesterday so that Kayliana’s first round ‘o stitches could come out.  I have to say (though it IS the smaller of the two wounds and the fewer stitches – just three), it looks fantastic already.  I really think that in just a matter of days it will be hardly noticeable.  Today’s wound (and stitches removal) may be a different story.  It was the deeper, more stitches (5) scenario, so we’ll see.  I’m sure both will be a bit of a scar but nothing too major.  Today’s doctor was the one that did day one’s stitches and popped in to see us on day two.  She is WONDERFUL. 

She gave us a present!!  It’s a beautiful book that’s as girly as they get.  The note she wrote in it says, “To Kayli, Matthew and Zachary, The best family ever during not 1 but 2 emergencies.”  Well, so, we maybe handle them pretty well…doesn’t mean that we need to keep ‘em coming!

(Again, I apologize.  I don't know why things aren't in the correct orientation...they say they are on my computer and then when I upload the photo they're all vertical and totally wrong! erg).

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer shenanigans

We had such an amazing time in Port Ludlow with Jason and Rebecca and their kiddos!! We played at the lagoon (where the kids – especially Kayliana – enjoyed rowing in the little raft).  We searched for sea glass at one of the beaches in Port Townsend.  The guys took all the boys to the pool while the girls napped and Rebecca and I sat on the deck enjoying the beautiful scenary and talking…and talking…and talking.  It’s funny how even when we spend five days together it’s just not long enough and we never run out of things to say!

I seriously never wanted to leave; it was such a great vacation.  But, alas, we had to.  Mike had this annoying commitment called “work” that he had to go do the next day.  I had piles of laundry awaiting me and a camping trip with the kids and my dad next week to prepare and pack for.  We came back and discovered that the 16 year old neighbor girl across the street had NOT (as we’d requested) rolled out the garbage can, had not watered the plants, had obviously not cared for Scout-the-Bunny very well, but HAD used our master bathroom toilet and shower and had left the sink running.  She’d also watched over two hours of TV on the Netflix.  Um, awesome.

Wednesday (yesterday), I just could not force myself to get up and go for an early morning run.  I finally dragged my post-vacation butt out of bed and was looking forward to an at-home day.  (Let me clarify: an at-home day, while relaxing in the fact that we don’t have to go anywhere, is usually a crazy thoroughly productive day for me.  I was going to get caught up on all of the laundry, do dishes, do some music class planning, camping prep, meal planning, grocery list making, etc.  The kids were happy to be reunited with all their toys and would have a lovely at-home play day….or so I thought).

I was still in my pajamas, getting caught up on news and email and was enjoying my morning coffee, the kids had already breakfasted, and I was about to get mine ready when…BOOM. SCREAM.  CRY. Kayli had been running (as she tends to) and tripped (as often happens) and fell (nothing too new here) hitting (this is the bad part) directly above her left eye (thank God it was ABOVE and basically in the eyebrow area) on the corner of our stupid Ikea-sharp-cornered coffee table.  Poor Matthew – who was witness to this – was beside himself at how obviously injured and upset Kayli was.  I took one look at her sorta-deep-gash and said, “Hmmm, we should probably all go get dressed.  I have a feeling this made need stitches.”  Matthew totally started crying which got Kayli going even more.  I called the doctor, got dressed and got us out the door in 20 minutes or so. (I didn’t bother changing Kayli out of her stellar outfit of pajamas and princess dress accompanied by rockstar pony tail bedhead).  They were able to get us in right away, and Kayli was an AMAZING brave girl not whimpering once the whole time we were there (nor did she afterwards). She came away with three stitches and a Dora sticker.  We left the doctor and headed to Burger King for ice cream cones. 

Today was going to be another at-home day for the kiddos.  Mike works from home on Thursdays, and, because of this, I scheduled a 1:30 meeting today with the director of the new Montessori school that I’ve landed.  (Woohoo!  I’ll now teach my music classes at two Montessori schools on Mondays).  After my meeting, I stopped at a store to pick up some groceries.  I didn’t have my watch so I pulled out my phone to check the time.  It was 2:20.  I noticed that Mike had sent me a text message at 1:56pm stating: “Calling [the doctor’s office] again Kayli had another fall and will probably need more stitches.”


… (indicating my moment of shock.  In the middle of the store, in the middle of the cracker/cereal aisle, I did a kind of honk-laugh ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?!- shocked gasp combo.  I bet it was rather strange sounding).  I called Mike and he said that, the doctor had just told them that this time, they might send us to the ER.  I told him I’d get there as soon as I could and ditched my cart in the middle of the store (I figured I had a valid excuse) and pedal to the metal-ed to the doctor’s office.  I walked into the waiting room and found our two sweet boys sitting in the same place they’d been sitting at yesterday.  YESTERDAY.  Kayliana had her first stitches YESTERDAY.  Now, it’s TODAY and we’re here.  Again.  For stitches.  Again.  Twice. In Two Days.  Is this a joke?!

This time, it was poor Zachary, who witnessed the injury.  Kayli had been dancing (as she does) and fell (as sometimes happens) and hit the low Ikea-stupid-sharp-cornered-TV table just BELOW her right eye (so the other one to, you know, even things out).  Unfortunately this gash was definitely longer, deeper and bloodier.  My poor boys (Mike included).  And POOR KAYLI!

Most likely due to this one being worse AND the recent events of yesterday, Kayli didn’t handle things quite as well today.  The doctor had suggested the ER because they have ‘stronger’ stuff to help Kayli calm down (and this was just the upsettedness from the bandaid removal). Thankfully, by the time I arrived, she had settled down considerably (though the sweet girl started to cry the second she saw me).

We had a different doctor today who was wonderful.  After seeing how deep this gash was, she decided to bring in another doctor for a second opinion before beginning.  She came back with…our sweet doctor from yesterday who, upon seeing me, opened her arms wide and gave me a big hug!  She went on and on about how perfect Kayli had been yesterday (which was true)…unfortunately, she may have been getting the hopes up for today’s doctor.  Here Today Doc thought she’d have this mellow two year old…mmmm, yeah, not so much.  Half way through the stitches Kayli flipped out and began squirming (despite the super tight papoose board holding her still).  I don’t know if the numbing stuff had worn off or what but it. Was. Awful. Today Doc eventually stopped and they gave Kayli some more of the numbing stuff (but through a needle and it DEFINITELY got worse before it got better).  Once the meds kicked in, Kayli settled down and totally fell asleep.  This certainly made the rest of the procedure easier!

We left the doctor’s office today with five stitches, a different Dora sticker and then went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for dinner.  I’ve decided that Ikea (due to their stupid sharp cornered furniture) should cover my fast food AND medical bills. 

When we got home, this picture was waiting for Kayli (made by Zach).  When she saw it she said, “It’s me! With no owies on my two eyeballs!!”  Let’s hope she gets and STAYS that way.  OWIE-FREE.

                                                     Boys' slumber party room
                                            Um, how do these things work?!
                                                    Up the to speak.
                                     Yeah, this water isn't QUITE deep enough for snorkeling.

                                               It's still fun though!

                                                                Beauty shot.
Row, row, row your boat (she did sing it).

Zach and Veronica having a cuddle.
Sandy butt shot.

The younger Clan ladies enjoying a moment on the deck (before Rebecca and I kick them out of OUR seats).
Day 1 outfit at the doctor's for stitches
Day 2, not looking quite as awesome


All passed out on the papoose :(
Happier heading home.

                      I'm too tired to figure out why this won't post vertically.  Do me a favor and turn sideways to look at it.  Thanks!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Not so lazy August

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a while.  I warned you: I told you that August was going to get cray-cray-busy-bananas and here it is!  The first five days of August we were in Spokane – at the District V Engaged Encounter Convention and seeing Mike’s family.  We had a WONDERFUL trip.  The kids did great on the 5.5 hour drive there.  They were each allowed two questions in the “are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” realm.  Matthew used his up by the time we got to Ellensburg (about two hours away).  Zachary still had his questions when we pulled into the Spokane hotel parking lot!  The Convention – as always was TONS of fun and also spiritually rejuvenating!  I was asked at the last minute to help out with music – singing and fluting – it was fun to dust off my chops and rock a mic again.  (Let’s face it; I’m always rocking a Mike though).
Speaking of Mike…yesterday we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!  We’re actually ‘celebrating’ tomorrow night with a date/outing.  The last several days Mike was actually at a computer nerd gaming hootenanny/tournament thingy, so he was in heaven.  The kiddos and I managed to stay out of trouble, hang out with friends, AND stay out of the ER! (Unlike our wedding anniversary last year when we had to meet up with my parents in the ER so that Kayliana’s dislocated elbow could be popped back in).  We’re praying for an ER-free year!
Anyway, back to last weekend in Spokane.  We were excited to have the chance to see Mike’s dear Aunt Dolores and Uncle Harry and we were able to get together with a bunch of Mike’s fam that we’ve not seen in years.  Everybody’s doing well and of course multiplying – there were little kid cousins everywhere!  Mike’s cousin Sheri took some great photos too!  I’m working on getting some of these in frames and on the wall.
This week, I’m trying to do some planning for the school year – contacting Montessori schools to see if I might land another gig for my Little Ditties Music Academy classes. We’ll see…
At the end of the week, we’re heading to my parents’ Port Ludlow beach house with the BFF’s for a LONG weekend of awesome, magic, fun.  I. Can’t. Wait.  Pictures and details to come!  
Too bad Kayli was tired and cranky here! We may have to just photo shop a smile and use this on Christmas cards. :D

She turned the charm back on for her photo shoot later though!