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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the last week we’ve had snow days, Thanksgiving, a photo shoot, some sleepless nights, some sleep-decent nights, Christmas decorating and lots and lots of baby-admiring, kissing and cuddling!

Kayliana is doing wonderfully. Unfortunately she does have an angry bellybutton (and an umbilical hernia which will likely heal in the next couple of years on its own), so we got some antibiotics for that. And it’s amazing how quickly conversation in a household goes back to revolving around poop and body functions (then again, with two boys, conversation never drifted too far from those topics to begin with). Kayli’s a bit constipated so every BM is like World War III and the successful outcome is parade and celebratory-worthy. Usually, we just high-five each other for getting through the crying spell and we praise Kayliana like pooping was the equivalent to curing world hunger. Sorry, TMI? That’s life with a baby, baby!

Kayli’s been a pretty darn good sleeper and twice now has gone for a SIX HOUR stretch. Both of which ended with me throwing open her door and running into her room in a panic. Why hasn’t she woken up?! She responds by grunting, squinting one eye open at me – we call this her “One-Eyed Pirate” – and clearing asking, “Why can’t a girl sleep in around here without everybody freaking out?!”

Just like all members of the Martin family, Kayliana is a true genius: she, at two weeks old, has already smiled (not gas-related, I swear!) and even squirmed and giggle-grunted when Zachary tickled her toes this morning. The fact that Zachary got Kayli’s first (sorta) laugh out of her filled this new big brother with ridiculous amounts of glee and pride.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a baby to go gaze at.

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Brooke & Matt Sullivan said...

She is so cute! You have such a beautiful family love the pic with the boys "swaddled as well :) (I am kind of a blog stalker, sorry!) We saw you guys at church on Sunday, but didn't get to chat - hope you are doing well!