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Saturday, May 21, 2016

My girl

Kayliana has many different personalities (like not the needing-to-be-diagnosed kind), there’s just a lot goin’ on in that girl!

She’s playing softball t-ball.  She’s on that super intense cut-throat team, the Blue Butterflies.  They play other frightening sounding teams like the Pink Puppies and Purple Penguins.  We were supposed to face the foreboding Yellow Honeybees this morning, but got rained out.

Most days, Kayli would rather be in workout-type clothes (or something cheetah print so she can pretend to be one all day).  But every once in a while – and it’s gotta be on her terms – she wants to get super girly, be in a dress, and occasionally (occasionally!) I’ll do a little makeup for her.  (If we’re not going anywhere important – like school or church). 

Kayliana’s been in ballet/tap all year.  The whole year is basically one long rehearsal for the recital that is…tomorrow!  Wednesday night was the dress rehearsal and Kayli was SO excited to finally get to wear her costume and – yippee! – makeup!  I’ll admit I a little bit freaked out with the cuteness.  It might be our first AND last year of ballet, so I just tried to thoroughly enjoy it.  Kayli hasn’t been all that into dance class (despite begging to do it for a while).  Like other sports, she doesn’t want to practice she just wants to play in the big game or dance on the big stage.  But the big moment is nearly here.
On the way home from rehearsal she gasped and said, “I have to pee! I have to pee! I have to pee!”  We were about 8 minutes from home, but only 2 from a McDonalds.  Dreading the possible disaster of an accident in THE costume, I quickly decided to stop at the Golden Arch’s restroom facilities.  Of course, she got all sorts of admiring ooh’s and ahh’s and looks as we hustled into the bathroom.   When we were in the bathroom she asked if we might get a treat of some sort.  I quickly caved wanting to celebrate our fun evening as well.  I said that we could pick up three chocolate chip cookies and take two home to the boys.  (And she wouldn’t be eating hers until she was out of her costume at home!)  

She got excited and said, “At least they’ll be free!”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She gestured to herself up and down and said, “I mean, look at me!” 

“Um, so you think you’ll get free stuff ‘cuz you look pretty?!”


Oh geez.  Help us.

Kayli was a little excited about getting cookies.  She started acting like a monster (or crazy person or who knows what) and thoroughly enjoyed playing to the crowd in McD’s.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s been a while.  I really haven’t figured out a way to add time to my days yet.  I even say that to the kids (especially Zachary – when he starts whining about not having enough time to do something).  I always say, “Sorry, but I can’t add time to the world.”  Really wish I could.

Anyway, here’s a fun project that we did make time for recently.  Zach has wanted to make a fairy garden for quite a while.  We spent Mother’s Day morning going to thrift stores and craft stores to stock up on goods.  I think the most fun find was what he used for the little brick walkway.  It’s one of those stones that you heat in the oven for keeping your bread warm.  Clever kid.  It was a fun project and a good distraction from the other busy activities.

Let’s see, what all’s gone on?  Zach turned 10.  (We’ll be celebrating this summer with a family overnight at Great Wolf Lodge – swim amusement park place.  Matthew made him this epic birthday card with “Zach Sparrow” instead of “Jack Sparrow.”
Kayliana turned 5.5years old.  She’s one of the youngest on her softball t-ball team.  (The ominous sounding “Blue Butterflies.”)  She’s holding her own though!  I told her that – seeing as Matthew hung up his bat and retired from baseball after last season, that – while it’s totally up to her – she WILL love softball and WILL play through college.  She graduates from preschool next week. 
Matthew is still taking trumpet lessons and tries out this week to be bumped up to the 7th/8th grade band next year.  He’s worked his butt off in 6th grade and currently has all A’s!  He’s starting to show some serious maturity (a requirement before he gets a cellphone for his 13th birthday) and – miracle of all miracles! – I found him doing dishes without anyone telling him to.  He also babysits Kayli once a week while I take Zach to his acting class.  So far, I’ve only received a handful of tear-infused, frustrated-with-her phone calls.

Mom had a full knee replacement a few weeks ago.  My brother Timothy and I took turns being her coach and helper-outter.  I’ll admit it was almost a vacation to stay in her quiet apartment and pick up meals from the restaurant in her building.  Not a bad gig. 

Mike, Zach and I all got to attend the Broadway-touring show of Newsies. It was SO stinkin’ amazing.  Geez.  It was a nice break for Mike and I who have both been working A LOT.

Meanwhile, my kindergartners put on their own astounding performance – a dramatic retelling of Going on a Bear Hunt complete with some fun songs I added in.  Now, we focus on preparing for their Kindergarten graduation.  They will play three songs on Boomwhackers – Ode to Joy, Star Wars and Pomp and Circumstance.  Then they’ll sing this touching number (and play bells while making their parents shed sentimental tears):  Not my best singing/performance, but I wanted to do it slowly and clearly enough for the Kindergartners to use for practice.  Kayli has also really enjoyed making a cameo in many of my videos – especially the dinosaur ones.