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Thursday, August 05, 2010

So, we found out this afternoon that after debating for several days between us and another family, Birth Mom went with the other family. We’re her “Back-Up.” Me thinks that makes it hurt even more. If only she could’ve met us. I felt like we were such a perfect match as did our social worker. She was convinced that we’d be picked and even wanted to run out to the parking lot and ask Birth Mom, “Are you SURE?!”

Ahh, the what-if’s. If only….if only.

Being the “Back-Up” family means that if at their match-meeting, Birth Mom or Other Family, doesn’t feel like it’s a 100% match, then we’d be it. This RARELY happens, and I won’t hold out hope for it. I just REALLY, REALLY wish, we’d had different news today.

Sucky. Sucky. Lameness.

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