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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oops, I had to think about the date for a second – doh! And Mike JUST walked out the door for work saying oodles of “I love you’s” and “Happy Anniversary!”(s). Today is our 9th wedding anniversary and quite frankly it’s the BEST (9th) wedding anniversary EVER! 

Last night we met the birth mom, Mia, and her parents Norah and James. Basically, we could not have asked for things to go better. They exceeded my most fervent prayers and best dreams. It was as natural and normal and amazing as I had so hoped (and kinda knew) it would be. As we first sat down I stated the obvious, “Well, this is like the most-crazy, ultimate blind-date!” I think that helped break the ice a bit.

Mia is SO AWESOME and, uh, to sound really humble here, she is SO much like me!! Seriously, the whole time I just kept thinking, “Yes, thank you! Yes, thank you! This IS as perfect as I thought it’d be.” I’m so, so thankful. I don’t even feel worthy of such a wonderful birth family and (hopefully!) ideal situation.

Now, obviously as we move forward with Mia she still has until 48 hours AFTER the birth to change her mind. But the more we get to know her and the more comfortable we all become, the easier it will be for her to hand that dear little one over. And it certainly won’t be the last time Mia sees Baby Girl. We would LOVE to have Mia as a part of our daughter’s life. This really does have the potential of being the BEST case adoption situation EVER….which is a little scary. Mike even said afterwards, “It’s almost TOO perfect.” I’d rather just forget the risks (if possible) and throw myself 100% emotionally in….that’s the only way I know how to do this now. And I’m pretty darn sure that Mia and her parents are going all in too.

Even the two counselors – Mia’s and Cynthia who was stepping in for Joy (as Joy is on her honeymoon and we VERY graciously ‘allowed’ her to go – sat back and just kind of watched in amazement. At one point, Alethia (birth mom counselor), shook her head and said, “Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect match.” Afterwards Cynthia – who hardly got to/had to say two words – told us that she’s never seen a match meeting go so well (and she’s been in the biz for a LONG time).

Do you know the movie ‘Juno’? (Teenage girl gets pregnant, gives baby up for adoption). Joy had told us that that movie has made things so much harder for them. “Everyone comes in saying ‘we just want a Juno,’ and rarely are things that easy.” Well, Juno – eat it – ‘cuz our Mia is the awesomest birth mom EVER. We got our Juno….actually WAY better than Juno.

(So, now we’ll just pray that the doctors are RIGHT this time and it IS a girl, that she stays healthy and for Mia as she moves forward on this difficult journey). AMEN. Yay God!

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Julia said...

YEAH GOD! :) I cant read your blog at work anymore, it makes me all weepy. Could not be happier for your guys!!