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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last night Zach suddenly asked me, “So, when are we moving to a different house?”

“Um,” I said, “We don’t plan on moving. Why do we need to move to a different house? What’s wrong with this one?”

He sighed with exasperation. “I just want all the new toys.”

I explained to him that moving to a new house does not mean that you get new stuff or new toys. You take all YOUR stuff with you. Zach’s jaw literally dropped and he said, “That’s A LOT OF STUFF to put in the car!”

* * * * *
We were supposed to meet up with Mia this morning at a park so that she could meet the boys, but I got a call that she was sick and would need to reschedule. I ALSO found out that I’m invited to attend a doctor’s appointment/ultrasound with her on Thursday afternoon!!! This will be SO super exciting (and a little nerve-wracking)! I’ll keep ya posted.

* * * * *
Check us out and our craftiness. I’ve been on a mission to beautify a section of my back garden that I call my “sanctuary.” (Right now my sanctuary just annoys me because we haven’t hung up the tile mosaic that I did yet and it’s in desperate need of being weeded, but I know it will be great once it’s complete. This table that the boys helped me with will go underneath my mosaic – which will hang on the fence – and between two chairs the exact same shade of blue as my favorite hydrangea bush. I have checked and this table – with the chairs – makes for a perfect margarita glass-placing and drinking location). I'll (eventually) have a picture of the finished Sanctuary to show you.

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