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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soy milk will NOT, in fact, turn our child GAY. I’m fairly convinced of that. Let me repeat: Zach will not be a homosexual because of drinking a fair amount of soy milk.

I have always attempted to avoid scandalous and highly debatable topics in my Blog, thus, I’m not speaking to the topic of homosexuality in general. All humans deserve love and respect regardless of their socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, racial make-up or sexual orientation. That’s all I’ll say about that. But there are some CARAZIES out there claiming that feeding your young children – most especially boy-children – soy milk is a “slow poison” turning them into homosexuals. That’s kind of the most REDONCULOUS thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Ever.

Let me start from the beginning: I suffer from some lactose sensitivity issues. And that’s all I’ll say about THAT. So, I choose to use soy milk in my cereal and many other lactose-free products. The boys – especially Zach – have become fans of drinking soy milk. Now, 9 times out of 10, Zach requests soy milk over “regular milk.” I have a friend from church who kinda flipped out when she heard that the boys are drinking soy milk daily. She explained that soy milk is full of estrogen and possibly causes infertility and other issues for boys. (For the record, she said nothing about the whole gay factor – that was someone else). She recommended almond milk. She makes her own. She and her mother purchase 50 pounds of almonds and make their own almond milk. Now, more power to them, that’s healthy – I’m sure – and amazing, but I just don’t have time to milk 50 pounds of little almond teats. But this concern about soy and boys did make me wonder. So, I chose to do some research of my own. (Though I honestly don’t know who to believe on-line).

When googling “soy and children,” one of the first articles that turned up was titled “Soy is making kids ‘gay’” by Jim Rutz. Holy Majoly, that’s got to be the funniest argument/slash/article title I’ve ever seen in my life! I told my friend Rachel about this article. Rachel is quite knowledgeable on the topic of whole, healthy, green food and livin’. I knew the article was hooey but just wanted to know what she thought of the estrogen-in-soy-products thing. We both agreed that moderation (as in anything) is key.

My parents babysat that night so that we could go see Avatar for Mike’s birthday. When we got home, my mom – not knowing about the article that I’d read that morning – told us a funny anecdote. She said, when putting the boys to bed, she asked Zach for a goodnight kiss. He immediately said, “No. Ick! I don’t kiss girls! I only kiss boys!”

Hmmm. (I just think this whole thing is very funny…Mike did look a tad bit surprised). Later, I reassured him that the girls-and-the-cooties thing is perfectly normal. His response was, “Yeah, but that doesn’t happen until like elementary school.” Well, Zach, at 3 ½ , is just very mature for his age.

The next morning, I was driving with Zach in the car. He was asking about “work.” Like, does Uncle Chris ‘work’ at the same place where daddy ‘works’ and is all ‘work’ just one big ‘place of work.’ As I explained this all to him, I said, “And mommy works too, you know.” (I was actually just about to head out for teaching my music classes).

Zach scoffed – he actually scoffed from his car booster seat and shaking his head with dismay said, “No, Mommy – silly! Girls don’t work! They CAN’T…’cuz they’re girls!” Ahhh. I understand now. Thank GOD! It’s not that he’s gay necessarily; it’s that he’s a sexist, chauvinistic pig. Phew!

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lumentelum said...

Just for the record, he didn't learn any of his chauvinism from me. So who have you been hanging around?