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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I’ve been researching Blog-writing lately. I’ve always known that I’m a bit of a loner in my lack of Blog Post titles. I already try to make my Blogs as fun, informative and enjoyable to my readers as possible, and the pressure of coming up with a good, fitting, catchy-fun Blog Post title each time is just something I can’t commit to. But you’re kind of ‘supposed’ to. I’m like a Blog loner and rebel. It’s pretty impressive how ca-razy I am. I should be part of a Blog motorcycle gang or something.

But, really, how would I come up with a great title in the 45 minutes that I usually get for Blogging? And then, I’d have to basically have an organized theme and thought for that Blog post? That’s crazy talk. I have too many thoughts in my head most-Blog days to be contained to one Blog Post Titled-theme. I’m like a wild blogging animal that cannot be tamed. Can’t cage a Blogger like this. Mmm-mmm. No, you din’t.

I even read a Blog on how to write the best Blog. One of the main points was, yes, title your Blog and title your Posts; it’s so much easier for your readers, etc. Well guess what? I have high expectations for you, readers. I think you can HANDLE a little spontaneous Blogging. In fact, I’m bringing you down with me. Look at us: crazy Blogging rule breaking gang. Let’s start wearing the same color and make fancy signs with our hands. Or toes. I’m keeping you on your toes. You don’t know what’s coming next. PEANUT BUTTER. Didn’t see that coming now did ya?

I’ve been mocked at the bus stop lately. I’ve been mocked by the parents, sure, but the kids – especially the GIRL kids – think I’m SO cool. And it’s basically the goal in my life to be the popular girl for once. (Not really, but hey! I’ll take some elementary school fans, why not?). Two of the neighbor girls – a 1st and 2nd grader – had both been rockin’ some seriously cute black, suede wedge boots. I’d been in the market for boots that I can wear that are cute yet comfortable enough to wear for teaching toddler and preschool music classes when I spend most of my time sitting on the floor and jumping up and down to fetch instruments, collect instruments, start the stereo, etc. I told these girls that I coveted their boots. I didn’t, like, PRETEND that I didn’t want boots exactly like those sold for 7-9 year old girls. So, I researched. I hunted. I found them. And I got my boots.

And now, the girls like to know which days I plan on wearing my boots so that we can all wear them on the same day. This was a tricky endeavor for the three of us to coordinate our boot-wearing schedule. You must work around PE days (they have different days) and then my music class days. Finally, we’ve figured out that boot days for the three of us are Mondays and Wednesdays with the option of Fridays. Now, that we’ve established our days, we all look forward to them. Yesterday, the girls both came running up to me after exiting the bus and we did a little boot-comparison. Yes, we’re like the boot-wearing clique and only the cool girls get invited.

Now another situation I have going is my hair – ever since I cut it short I accessorize more. I wear scarves or headbands and maybe even the occasional flower clip. Well, yesterday, with the boot-matching-with-the-grade-school-girls and the bow-bedecked headband in my hair, it was just too much too handle for one mom and I was mocked. Now Cool Mom – who I recognize was speaking out of jealousy for her lack of boots and bow – said, “What,” snort/chortle, “Are you like in preschool now, Jenny?” I took a deep breath, stamped my foot, put my arm around my Boot Girls Posse and replied snottily, “No, puh-lease, I’m in like SECOND GRADE.” Ha! Showed her!


SalernoStrings said...

I title this blog entry BOOT CAMP

Jenny said...

Jess: I may have to hire you as my Blog Post Title Creator