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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A modern man…

The love saga continues. Matthew presented to Emma the card that he lovingly made for her. It depicted a green-and-blue-clad Matthew and pink-and-purple-clad Emma holding hands. Inside, there was a smaller version of the lovebirds complete with a star above Matthew’s head and a heart above her head. The “Come play at my house” suggestion was left open-ended with no specific time or date provided. Could Emma suddenly appear on our doorstep for the promised playdate?

The boys were given a Baskin and Robbins gift card for helping take care of our neighbors’ cat. When Matthew saw it he immediately said, “We can invite Emma to come with us for ice cream!”

I said, “Well…maybe. That IS nice. If you invite someone to do something, it’s nice to pay for them.”

Matthew paused, thinking about that. Then before walking out of the room he said, “Well, maybe she can just pay for her own ice cream with her own money. That’s better.”

He’s a modern man making a lady pay her own way.

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