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Friday, April 06, 2007

What a busy week it’s been. Good busy, but busy.

Matthew made it to preschool on Tuesday. The theme for the month of April is Gardening/Flowers. So, to honor this, the kiddos got to “plant” Lima beans – they put them in a plastic cup in a wet paper towel. Now, that’s my kind of gardening! I told Ms. Susan not to expect our lima beans to make it. She reassured me that it’s pretty hard to mess them up, but I countered, “Ms. Susan, I think you doubt my black thumb skills. These Lima beans don’t stand a chance in the Martin house of doom.” The Martin home is where plants go to die. At one point, I’d asked Mike if we could get some flower pots out on the deck so that we could see them from the kitchen window. (I spend A LOT of time at that sink)! Mike reminded me that I don’t even water the plants that are RIGHT NEXT to the sink. It’s not like I need to go far to get them some H20. Good point.

The Lima beans haven’t done anything yet; I wonder if they’re already goners.

* * *

Zachary has a new trick. As you enter the room he says a quiet and polite, high-pitched “hi.” It’s sweet and oh-so civilized and then often followed by sticking out his tongue at you which he thinks is pretty darn funny every time. (We quite agree).

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