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Monday, April 23, 2007

I worry that I might be scaring away my loyal readers. My blogs are getting longer – reading them is becoming more of a time commitment. Wordy? Moi? To those who know me, this won’t come as a shock. I was voted “Chattiest” in my book club – a title I accept with pride and plan to retain. Runner-up Kendra may give me a run for my money, but she’s really no match for my skills; I can totally take her down.

Liane, my dear friend and college roommate knows me really well. She once said, “Ask Jenny a yes or no question, and you’d better be ready for at least a paragraph answer.” This is the poor girl who ran a FIVE HOUR Marathon with me and got to listen to me talk the WHOLE TIME. Lucky Liane!

So, as I commit more time to my writing, you may need to commit more time to your reading, but fear not! I’m here to help you get through the ever increasing wordiness of my blog. My recommendation, nay my prescription is that you sit down for your regular blog-reading session with plenty of time, a cup of coffee, and –at minimum – one ounce of dark chocolate. I guarantee it will make your reading experience all the more enjoyable.

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