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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yesterday, while I made dinner, the boys were playing nicely together in the living room (Allelulia!). Matthew started laughing and then I listened cautiously as a debate began. They were arguing over the correct pronunciation of the word “brother.”

Matthew said, “No, Zach, it’s not broDer, it’s broVer.”

Zach, obviously a passionate supporter for the opposing team immediately countered with, “Nu-uh. It’s broDer.”

They went back and forth for a while and then both seemed to come to an unspoken truce – they would continue on with their own versions of the correct way to say “brother” knowing all the while that their broDer/broVer was totally wrong. (Meanwhile, I continued to tiptoe around the kitchen hoping that they wouldn’t be reminded of my presence and therefore come harass me with all sorts of needs – the nerve).

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Anonymous said...

The speech therapist in me wouldn't be able to resist the urge to add to the debate! Cute story- can I share with co-workers?