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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It appears that in the summer, Mike’s night owl status tends to rub off on me a bit. And I’m not a fan. Staying up late means that I don’t always get my early morning runs in or writing time or me time. I need to get back on track. Today was good though, I was out of bed by 6 and did some much needed yoga-meditation time. See, this summer is all about decluttering – my house, my life, MY SOUL. I’m really trying to come up with some kind of a schedule so that everyone’s needs can be met, everything on the to-do list gets checked off and fun is had by all. Uh, maybe this is my definition of heaven and a somewhat unobtainable goal, but whatevs; I’ll still aim for perfection!

All in all, the summer break has been good for the boys so far, we’ve had a tad more at-home time than usual. Matthew and I have been practicing reading and have daily work/reading time and then reward time. He usually chooses to play a preschool game on for his reward. It’s a little freaky how well my five year old can navigate the web! (Although, yes, I’m very careful, and all his web-time is done with careful supervision). But he is Mike’s son, so I suppose Matthew’s computer savviness shouldn’t surprise us too much.

And speaking of computers, yes, I stink. It’s taken me three full weeks to get my Chicago pictures up, but at last here are some of my faves.

First you'll see pictures of my time in Lake Geneva with my dear friend Katherine and her parentals. Scrolling further down are the pictures from my Chicago time-- with my cousins, uncles and aunt.

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