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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yesterday, I got out my flute – something I just don’t do enough anymore but am determined to remedy this summer. The boys, who I admit hadn’t seen me play in a while, were unwilling to be upstaged by my performance and immediately joined in. Matthew was the conductor/slash/occasional drummer and Zachary was the karaoke singer/slash/drummer. They really made me experience some of my favorite pieces in a whole new light.

Did you know, for example, that the Allegro Maestoso movement of Mozart’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G major is actually about PIZZA?! I kid you not. The entire piece is one long ode to the food. And what a masterpiece indeed – the way Mozart weaved the word ‘pizza’ on repeat throughout the entire movement is quite genius as was Zach’s performance and dedication to the work.

And with Matthew alternating conducting and offering a strong percussive beat, the Allegro Moderato of my Bach Sonata was anything but Moderato. That was the fastest Moderato I’ve ever heard! I just couldn’t quite keep up despite serious effort on my part. The highlight of the whole concert, for the boys, was when we all took bows at the end – over and over and over and over. Apparently there was serious applause and endless laudation for our musical presentation as the bows and curtsies continued for quite a while.

Later, Zach randomly started talking to himself about the new penguin ‘house’ at the zoo. His little badinage went on for a while discussing the penguins and how much he likes them, etc. Then, all of a sudden, He addressed me.

“Mommy,” Zach said, “The penguins have a tat. They have a new have a tat.”

Then he laughed, and in a tone of amused self-mockery explained, “I don’t say HABIPAT! That’s what I said when I was a BABY!!! I say HAVE A TAT now!!!” Oh, to have that kind of self-confidence and pride.

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Carmel said...

It's been ages since I played my flute. My poor abandoned instrument. It's so pretty, too. It should be played. Hope you keep up with it more!