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Sunday, June 07, 2009

After much anticipation, our promo video for the 2010 National Engaged Encounter Convention is unleashed upon the world. Check it out!!

The boys watched it so many times that they began quoting lines from it. They were arguing over whether or not the Easter Bunny is a boy or a girl. (Why this question was being debated is beyond me). And Matthew said (quoting his super hero father), "It matters not..." Then he continued, "Because there are two Easter Bunnies -- one is a girl and one is a boy." And then later, out of the blue, Zachary told me that I needed to "reboot my relationship..." with whom or what though I'm unsure!

Enjoy the video though! It was a super fun (SUPER LONG) process, and I do think that in another life I'd definitely explore my super-hero persona as well as pursuing my acting and voice-over career.

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