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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I must admit I’ve been feeling quite BLAHG lately. (If you know me and my affinity for word creation – or if you’re just a bright one – you will immediately understand that my clever word “blahg” translates into: feeling quite blah about my BLOG). I wonder if I’m waiting for good material to Blog about. This worries me as I worry if I’m secretly asking for things to happen. Unfortunately, it seems that when the Blog gets slow, things always do pick up – like snot or puking in the Martin household – providing me with endless anecdotes to share.

So, sure enough I was feeling a bit Blahgish this morning when ahh! Lo-and-behold, Matthew stumbles out of his room with a new and nasty cough. (Yes, Blogging material, here we go). Matthew does something interesting when he has a cold, he hums – nearly constantly – it’s a monotone, non-melodious tune that just drones on and on and on…and on. And because I’m his mother, and I’m allowed to say stuff like this: it really kind of creeps me out. It starts to sound a little wacko and weird. Like maybe, along with the nasal congestion, come some psychotic tendencies. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Also, to assist with my Blogging, Zachary woke up on the cranky side of the crib today. One side of his crib is up against the wall, so we really only have one exit option, but for whatever reason, today it was SO the wrong side. He was eating breakfast and munching on some freakishly-not-naturally-bright-colored fruity cereal when I helped myself to one of the little lime-shaped green ones that had wandered off his placemat. I really didn’t think he would notice or if he did, he certainly wouldn’t care. Boy-oh-boy was I ever wrong. Zach looked at me completely taken aback. “What?” I mumbled guiltily. He shook his head and with eyes welling up in fury and disbelief, disgust and utter disappointment said (and then screamed) “MY NUMS!!!!! MY NUMS!!!!” [nums/nummy = food in this house]. He pointed his finger accusingly at me, shrieking about the injustice of it all. Mike came out wondering what was so wrong. Certainly there was something seriously bad occurring. I walked away from the table. I ate a lime! That’s it. One lime. I gave you LIFE, child. The least you can give me is some sugary-green-lime-shaped puff.

Thanks for the material, boys. Blahgishness has subsided.

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