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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ahh, FACEBOOK, it’s like middle school and high school all over again. For those of you lacking the Facebook 4-1-1, it’s an on-line world of networking, connecting with friends – old and new. You can search for old classmates and do all kinds of legal, addictive crazy-fun, on-line stalking. It’s also a black hole/vortex/time-sucking procrastinating mechanism. I somehow just managed to spend two hours creating my profile and adding photos. It’s a lot of pressure. Just what kind of ME do I want to portray to my former classmates, and friends-of-friends?

Facebook really is teen-pressure for older folk. I even joined due to my inability to resist peer pressure. It was definitely the “all the cool kids are doing it” kind of a scenario. But man! The pressure! Once you’re on Facebook then it’s a race to see who can prove their coolness and popularity (and therefore, purpose and wholeness as a human being) by having the most friends. I’m happy to say that just after joining a little over an hour ago, I already have nine friends. I am SO cool.

It’s a good thing that I’m making/reconnecting with friends seeing as I’m having issues with one of my dear ones. So this friend – who shall remain nameless lest she…wait. Correction: I now have TEN friends. See, I told you I’m addicted…and cool. Anyway, so this friend and I were quite close. She also has kiddos and our offspring were good buddies. However, due to scheduling conflicts at this time, we rarely see one another. For the past several months, she and I have only spoken because I phoned her. Should I take the hint? We’re going on probably six months now and we’ve only talked because I initiated conversation.

At any rate, I was discussing with Matthew at breakfast this morning that I’m a bit sad to no longer be so close with this friend. I said that the fact that she never called me anymore made me wonder if maybe she didn’t really want to be my friend. Matthew said, “Well, mom, you are a-die-able.” “A-die-able?” I asked. “Do you mean adorable?” (Thinking, how sweet! You’re right, she SHOULD want to be my friend, I AM adorable.) Matthew continued, “No, Mom. A-DIE-able.” “Well, what does that mean?” I inquired. “It means that you’re going to die.”

So, like I said, it’s good that I’m making friends ‘cuz some of my old ones are dropping me since apparently I will be dying…and it sounds like soon. Maybe some of my new Facebook peeps will come to the funeral. I sure hope that my four-year-old does not have the gift of prophecy.

By the by, I just checked and I’m up to eleven. I rock. You might as well just go ahead and vote me Facebook Queen now.

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