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Thursday, January 03, 2008

OK, Resolution #3. (I swear I haven’t made an official list of Resolutions, the numbering just happens by itself. Regardless of how much I resist it). So, #3: Just say no! I say yes to way too many people just because it’s easier – for them. It’s hard to say no when you’re a People Pleaser and worried about what others will think should you dare to say no. But enough! After vaguely deciding yesterday that this was something that I should work on (but not yet elevating it to Resolution status), I proceeded to say yes to two people for things that, while I would probably be fine with and enjoy doing, I just don’t need to add to my plate right now. Just say no!

The boys have done some pretty darn cute things in the last few days that deserve a Bloggly mention. Yesterday, after being informed that yes! He would FINALLY get to go back to preschool, Matthew went running down the hall waving his arms in pajamed-glory yelling, “I’M SO EXCITED FOR PRESCHOOL!!!”

I will say that being locked in the house together for two straight weeks due to illness did force the boys to spend a lot of time playing together (not always nicely, mind you). I’ve discovered that they play excellently together if there are NO TOYS OR OBJECTS INVOLVED WHATSOEVER. If they are “playing chase” or wrestling (i.e. Zach tackling Matthew, sitting on him or just generally pinning his big brother down) they are usually getting along and in great spirits. Add in a toy or a random object and it immediately becomes a dispute and tears are soon to follow (usually Matthew…Zach has usually confiscated said-object and has run away). The other day, the boys had decided that the kitchen floor was the best place to wrestle for the moment. Zachary was on top-ish (there was a lot of movement), but they both simultaneously stopped and embraced in a big ‘ol brotherly bear hug. Matthew said, “Ahh, I love you, Zachy,” and kissed him on the ear. Then Zach’s hug got a little too tight and the next proclamation was a whine, “enough! Zachyyyyyy, stop. Your hug is choking me!”

At one point during the post-holidays vacation, we made the (crazy) decision to eat out. The destination? Chili’s. A fine family dining establishment, offering, among many things, excellent baby back ribs. (Now, the stupid commercial jingle is stuck in my head. You too?). For our dining experience, we were seated in a cozy booth. Zach sat next to me (until food arrived when we would strap him in the high chair), and Matthew sat across from him, next to Mike. The family at the booth behind us was thoroughly entertained by our boys, and thankfully, not annoyed by their shenanigans. Zach would turn around, face the other customers, and stand and squat, stand and squat, initiating half the restaurant in a game of peek-a-boo and occasional waves of hi. He wasn’t satisfied with my pre-meal snacky-spread and as soon as Other Family received their food, he started begging. (Albeit, politely – he said and signed pleeeaase, while pointing to their heaped plates). The mother of Other Family – who had commented on Zachary’s politeness and general adorableness to me – proceeded to narrate to her 8-year-oldish son the constant movements of the Martin boys. It was like listening to an announcer at a sporting match:

Oh look. There goes Big Brother under the table. And pop! He’s now next to the little guy. Poor Mom, she’s got both boys to contend with on her side. She’s outnumbered. Uh-Oh, looks like they’re starting to wrestle and ooh! That had to hurt. What move is Little Guy going to make next? Ahh, he goes for the classic neck-hold. But Big Brother is offering back a taste of Little Guys’ medicine. They’re locked in what looks like…it’s a Hug, people. They’re locked in a Hug. OK, Mom is trying to keep the Hug from slipping together under the table. Looks like both boys are trying to make a move to go UNDER the table, they nearly are wedged under… Ahh, Mom blocks and…wait. What’s this? Oh, wow, I haven’t seen a move like this since dinner at Red Robin back in ’98. Little Guy is being passed OVER the table. I repeat: Little Guy – ooh, watch the head so he doesn’t hit the big light fixture [that’s hung way too low over the table] – that was close. Now, Little Guy is on the other side of the table with Dad. And! Ouch. He goes for the classic throw-the-crayon-at-Big-Brother move. The parents are quickly gathering up the crayons before they can be put into use as a Weapon of Mass Destruction and nope! Not fast enough for Little Guy. He snagged the blue and managed to draw a quick line on the table before it was removed for good…

I’m telling ya, dining out with these little people IS a full-contact sport. (Helmets and elbow pads not included).

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