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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day! The countdown is on. That’s right, only 23 days until I turn the big 2-7. I’m registered at every store you can think of that sells cute things, so I’ve got you covered on the gift ideas. (Just kidding)!!

We had a great day today. It was dinosaur day at preschool – very exciting. Zachary and I dropped the dino-fan and headed to the gym. This was kind of a trial. He hasn’t done so well in the Kids’ Club lately (gets all ‘I miss Mom’ and stuff), so it’s been a while since I’ve taken him. He did OK with the drop-off. He went straight to Lisa, was happy for a moment, and then realized, “What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?! You’re going to LEAVE me here?! With HER? And all these kids?? And all these cool toys?! I don’t THINK SO!” My response to him sobbing and trying to leap out of Lisa’s arms was, “OK. Have fun! Bye.” I was outta there. (Don’t worry, the Mommy-Guilt still lurks deep within me and I snuck a peak before getting on the stairclimber; he was fine).

I had a great cardio workout. I need every cardio workout I can get right now. Apparently I think that I’m still nursing and can eat for two. Maybe I’ll become a wet nurse or just pump for the rest of my life so that I can continue with all the extra calories. Or maybe I should stop all the extra calories. Huh! There’s an idea. Anyway, after my stairs and run I thought, ‘Hey! I could pop into the yoga class for about 30 minutes before we need to leave to pick up Matthew. I’ll just walk by the Kids Club on my way.’ Idiot. Total dummy. Like I didn’t spend 10 years babysitting before having offspring of MY own. I KNOW that children have Mommy-radar like it ain’t no thang. I literally just stuck my head around the corner, Zach immediately saw me and burst into tears. The jig was up. There went yoga. There went a shower. There went changing clothes before picking up my eldest. There was Zachary sniffling on my hip – pulling my hair, sucking his thumb, ripping at my heart strings.

He was ready for a nap anyway, so I figured it wasn’t the end of the world if we got back in the car and headed back to preschool early. The problem was that for some reason, I became completely, unbelievably desperate to get out of my raunchy workout clothes. Yeah, they were kind of gross, but it wasn’t that bad. I had a jacket I could throw on, but for some reason I became totally obsessed with changing my clothes. I just could not handle them. I didn’t want to wear them. I did not want to pick Matthew up from preschool in my nastiness. I came up with a plan – I needed to stop for gas anyway. We would be stopped, Zach could keep sleeping, we’ve got tinted windows in the backseat – I could just change clothes back there. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I got the gas pumping, grabbed my clean clothes from the trunk and wedged myself between the passenger seat and Matthew’s booster seat. In an attempt to stay modest (lest someone walk by the front of the car and peak in), I was crouched as low as I could go doing the whole girl take-one-top-thingy-off-while-simultaneously-putting-the-other-on move, and I literally got tangled in my garments…nearly strangled as a matter of fact, and I’m NOT exaggerating! In the end, modesty remained somewhat in tact, and I did manage to exit the car fully clothed with no body parts exposed (except for my pretty toes, of course).

My toes did have to be covered up for a bit this afternoon. Matthew and I worked out in the yard for about an hour and a half (while Zachary napped). My flowerbeds are starting to look so pretty! (You can see a picture of the front one at our website. That’s our neighbor’s house that you see in the background). I told Matthew that I was excited because my “blue flowers” (Lithadora ground cover) are really filling out the bed. Now nearly every time we leave the garage and drive by the flowers, he’ll say, “There’s your blue flowers. Are you excited, Mommy?” I totally am.

I’m also excited about our resident bunny. So far, we think that there’s just a Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit that have made there home somewhere on or near our property, but we know it’s only a matter of time ‘til there’s like a million of them. Matthew and I chucked some baby carrots at one that was nibbling on our grass. Mr. Bunny looked a little thin and we figured – he’s a bunny. He’d like some carrots. So, this is the thanks I get?! Today, we looked out the window and saw him (or her, I suppose) nibbling on my flowers!! (Not the blue ones, but still)! Matthew and I yelled out the window at him, “Hey, Bunny! Stop eating our flowers!” That didn’t work, so we decided that instead of yelling, I should go ask the bunny nicely. (“Use your words.”) I approached Mr. Bunny – Mr. BRAVE Bunny and politely asked him to not chew on our flowers. I really wonder what the neighbor across the street thinks of us.

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