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Monday, March 12, 2007

Why does the computer hate me so? I had composed the most exceptional Blog entry of my life only to have it magically disappear. Of course, I can’t prove that it was as phenomenal as I claim it was, so you’ll just have to take my word on it. Since I used up all of my Blog-skills on the aforementioned missing entry, you’ll just have to settle for this mediocre one.

Life after the stomach flu is fab. Anything after a stomach-curse is amazing. I’d say even a toothache or a hangnail would be a walk in the park after doing the Toilet Tango. Somehow the boys were all fine – thank goodness – after a couple of days while I continued with the Diarrhea Dance for an entire week. (I’m sticking with the dance-themed analogies here, can you tell?).

Before I knew it, we found ourselves on a Tuesday morning (i.e. Preschool morning) while I still suffered the wrath of the Tummy Twist. I was bound and determined that Matthew would NOT miss preschool. He was perfectly fine, and he’s missed so many classes thanks to the frequent visits from the Snot Fairy; I just couldn’t let my Belly Boogie cause another absence. I had us all dressed (even semi-groomed); we were ready to get in the car, garage door open and everything, when I finally had my moment of sanity. Throughout the morning departure routine I must’ve run to the bathroom ten times to partake in my Paunch Polka. I asked myself: Is this really wise? While I keep a change of clothes in the car lest Matthew have an accident, I don’t have spare undies for me. Do I really want to show up to preschool having pooped my pants?! [I acknowledge that in civilized society Potty-Talk is rather taboo, but as a parent you have no choice but to be fluent in the language and fully embrace body function. So, please bear with me. We all poo; let’s accept it and discuss it like adults]. I decided then and there that I didn’t want to be the Mom about which the other preschool parents would explain, “Yes, that’s Matthew’s Mommy – she had an accident. No, not WITH her car. An accident IN her car.” So, in the end, Matthew didn’t get to preschool that morning.

Finally, last week after a three-week hiatus, Matthew made his grand re-entry to the Almost 3’s classroom. The kid was like a celebrity. Hey! Who is this Matthew kid?! He’s pretty fun. And since it was a beautiful day, we went straight to the park after preschool. (Yeah, two outings in one day! Pretty adventurous, huh?) After letting him swing for a bit in the baby swing, I wore Zachary in the front pack while we followed Matthew around the playground. Now, I am very used to people openly staring at Zach. How could they help themselves? He is RIDICULOUSLY cute after all. However, on this particular park excursion, I noticed that people seemed to be eyeing him quite a bit more than usual. It wasn’t until we got to the car that I discovered the cause for so much curiosity. Zachary had a big ‘ol piece of Wagon Wheel (cracker-type finger food) stuck to the side of his cheek. The flesh colored food looked very much like some sort of abnormal mutation growing out of his face. Oh well, you can’t be the cutest baby at the park EVERY time.

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