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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We finally did it! We broke the Martin-field-trip Curse. (Historically, we've always been sick -- or something! -- and don't get to partake in the field tripping festivities). But, finally, FINALLY we have conquered!

Yesterday, on the way to preschool, Matthew started asking about our kitty Mistletoe. He wanted to know what she was doing in Kitty Heaven, if she got to ride on a Kitty Heaven teeter-totter (anyone know the answer to that one? 'cuz I sure don't), and most importantly he was very eager to find a way to visit her up in Kitty Heaven. I informed him that while we can't visit her, we can look at pictures and tell stories of her. Matthew then asked, "When do I get to go to Heaven?" "Uh...we go to Heaven when we die," I responded. I held my breath, anticipating the next inquiry. Sure enough, my three-year-old in the backseat exclaimed, "I want to die and go to Heaven!" Little did I know that this wish would actually be granted during his preschool field trip.

As we set out, the seven three-year-olds held on tightly to their colored rings on the walking-rope. (Yes, it's like a fancy, colorful leash). We made the long voyage to the -- drumroll, please-- MACHINE SHOP!! (It's less than a block from the community center, but with seven three-year-olds, we could have summitted Mount Everest for all the effort it took). At any rate, we reached our anticipated destination, and were met by Mr. Steve -- Park Maintenance Man. Mr. Steve had FOUR tractor/lawn mowers out in the middle of the yard including TWO John Deeres! The kids got to climb all over them and sit in the driver seats. Boy, was it ever exciting! Really, it was as if the field trip was designed especially for Matthew...Matthew who wouldn't leave home without his John Deere hat and John Deere tin lunch box full of John Deere trucks and tractors. The child had definitely died and gone to heaven!

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