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Friday, March 16, 2007

Therapy Thursdays have definitely become my favorite day of the week. Man, do I look forward to that hour of talking about myself! Last week's session was perhaps a record-breaking waterworks display. Right when I think I've got things figured out, and I'm doing so much butter -- wham! -- I hit another low-point; the postpartum depression demons creep their way back into my soul and wreak havoc. I was SO frustrated. It was very helpful to have Therapist Louise remind me that what makes ppd different from common depression is that it doesn't just constantly linger; it comes and goes. This can be good because you are able to enjoy life, but it also means that when you find yourself in another ppd funk it's even more upsetting.

So, last week at my exhibit of emotion, I made a request, really a desperate plea. Louise NEEDS to get better quality Kleenex in her office. While I understand that they must go through LOADS of Kleenex in that place what with all the ppd ladies coming in, they should make an investment towards the cause. Wiping your snot-tear-soaked face with sandpaper is not a pleasant experience. Quality Kleenex must be worked into the budget.

Another Kleenex issue that I joke about with Louise is the fact that the box is placed discretely on the side table. We both pretend for a while that I'm not going to need it, and then inevitably shortly into the session, I just place the whole box next to me on the sofa. (No, it's not a brown leather sofa and I don't lie on it like some may think. If you must know: it's a green upholstery-type and I sit -- sometimes shoes off and cross-legged if I really want to get comfy).

Yesterday, when I arrived at Louise's office, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Kleenex box waiting for me on the sofa. That was only the beginning of the surprises: Louise informed me that she had a chat with her supervisor regarding the crappy Kleenex, and from now on, they will only purchase the fancy-shmancy soft stuff. So, rest-assured, should I die tomorrow, I have made a difference in the world -- well, at least a difference to the noses and faces of the sobbing ppd visitors to the green couch. And to top off the excitement of the Kleenexy developments, apparently that box acted as a security blanket, and I had my first ever tear-free session!

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