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Monday, September 02, 2013


 The kiddos and I had an awesome ‘lil camping trip with my dad last week.  We were on Whidbey Island at Deception Pass State Park.  The weather was mostly cooperative (as were the children…dad was on pretty good behavior as well).  The state park is near the naval base and the boys LOVED getting to see the fighter jets doing practice fly by’s over head. One highlight (for the boys – and maybe dad) of our camping trip was the rope swing that they fashioned in our camp site.  The highlight for me was our last night.  I was able to get the kids in bed earlyish and dad and I enjoyed a couple hours of quality time by the campfire.  It was a clear night and the amount of stars visible was amazing.  The camping trip with my dad may just become an annual event.  (That is, if he’s willing to spend that much quality time in the woods with US again)!   

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