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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Here we go again!

Another school year has begun.  We walked the boys to the bus this morning for their first day of school.  Matthew (on, this, his 10th birthday eve) is looking forward to 4th grade and improving his math skills and reading outloud abilities).  Zachary (7 years old) is starting 2nd grade.  This year he wants to work on writing.  He’ll also have a big year with First Reconciliation (for which he seems to be compiling an extensive list of sins! J ) and First Communion in May.  Kaliana (2.5 years old) is also looking forward to an epic year.  We will do potty training (God help us) and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a decrease in toddler tantrums.  That’d be amazing.  Yesterday, in the pouring rain, while walking from the car to the boys’ teacher meet and greet, Kayli had an epic display of two-year-old angst in someone’s front yard.  It was a full on, throw herself on the ground, kick off her rain boots and roll in the muddy grass tantrum for about 12 minutes.  We were late, drenched and cranky for our first impression meetings with the boys’ teachers. Awesome! 
Other than the mud-rolling tantrum, we spent yesterday preparing for the school year and Matthew’s birthday.  We celebrated last night with my fam and my Godmother, my mom’s sister, Ann who is in town.  Thankfully, Kayli was (mostly) tantrum-ed out by last night’s family dinner!  

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