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Friday, September 13, 2013

This week's accomplishment

My cranky old man laptop, Filbert, hath bit the dust. I'm currently typing this on our Netbook which is kind of a big pain to type on.  Not my fave.  At any rate, I was all ready for this first full week of school.  I was going to do lots of prep for my upcoming session of music classes (starting in a couple of weeks).  I spent a couple of evenings starting to organize my music on iTunes so that I can put my playlists on my iPod.  I've been using the same cassette tapes (yes, I made 'lil 'ol mix tapes for my music classes) for the last several years.  When Filbert died I lost what progress I'd made. Erg.  So, maybe a blessing in disguise, with no easy laptop situation this week, I gave up on the music class prepping plans and spent three days in a row outside doing yardwork.  It also helped that the forecast was amazing, so I made the most of it.  For three days (two that were above 88 degrees) I battled with a rose bush and a huge juniper shrub.  I wanted those bad boys gone.  They put up a good fight -- with crazy, thick deep roots -- but they had no choice but to give up when facing this gun show.  I eventually got them out and have planted about 10 new things (in that whole area - not just where the shrubs were) including some bulbs, and then I added some fresh bark as well.  It was a ton of work. It was so stinkin' hot. I have blisters on my hands, my back, legs and arms are super sore and I've had a sore throat/cold the whole time...but I did it and it's done!  After days of hot yard work and not feeling awesome, yesterday I showered (not the first time in three days, I promise, but it must've looked like it) and wore a sun dress down to the afternoon bus stop.  Honestly, it was like people didn't recognize me at first.  Apparently, I've looked like such a sweaty, disgusting, dirty, barky mess, that just my bathing impresses people!  

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