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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update :)

Today was stitches-removal Day 2.  We went in yesterday so that Kayliana’s first round ‘o stitches could come out.  I have to say (though it IS the smaller of the two wounds and the fewer stitches – just three), it looks fantastic already.  I really think that in just a matter of days it will be hardly noticeable.  Today’s wound (and stitches removal) may be a different story.  It was the deeper, more stitches (5) scenario, so we’ll see.  I’m sure both will be a bit of a scar but nothing too major.  Today’s doctor was the one that did day one’s stitches and popped in to see us on day two.  She is WONDERFUL. 

She gave us a present!!  It’s a beautiful book that’s as girly as they get.  The note she wrote in it says, “To Kayli, Matthew and Zachary, The best family ever during not 1 but 2 emergencies.”  Well, so, we maybe handle them pretty well…doesn’t mean that we need to keep ‘em coming!

(Again, I apologize.  I don't know why things aren't in the correct orientation...they say they are on my computer and then when I upload the photo they're all vertical and totally wrong! erg).

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