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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anger Managment

Kayliana has anger mangament issues (as do many toddlers, let’s face it).  Kayli deals with anger by throwing – fits and objects.  She will start to get vocal – crying, yelling, etc. – meanwhile she looks around her for any nearby object to hurl in frustration.  The other day, we’d come in from playing outside.  This ALWAYS (currently – and I do hope this phase quickly passes) elicits protests of rage and anger.  It really IS completely unjust that I eventually force my children back inside.  At any rate, I was closing the front door (to the soundtrack of enraged screams) when I added my own YELP to the cacophony. Something – or someone, rather – had just grabbed a toddler-sized handful of my left buttcheek and attempted to throw it in rage.  The fact that my buttcheek was unhurlable only added insult to injury, but I must say, I cracked up at her effort. (Get it? CRACKed up). 
My ringlet-haired princess looking quite peaceful "reading" one of my library books.

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