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Friday, July 06, 2012

Painting Madness!

It’s like they planned it.  For about the last two weeks, Kayliana has not slept through the night.  She’s woken up anywhere from 11:30pm-4:45am just YELLING: “MAMA! DADA! MAMA-DADA! MOMMY-DAD! DAD! DAD-MOM!”  Eventually, we’ve given in (usually when it had turned from yells to serious-angry cries), when we'd go in, she'd sign for “diaper change.”  Anyway, it was driving me nutso that with our 19 month old, we were no longer sleeping through the night. I mean, we paid our dues in the newborn days (or nights, rather).  Thankfully, the last two nights, she’s slept soundly through the night.  SHE slept through the night.  WE, on the otherhand, have woken up the last two nights to: pitter-patter, pitter-patter, LEAP and a small body landing on our bed and diving under the covers.  Usually, I manage a half-concious, “Zach, what’s the matter?”  And he’ll squeak out, “I’m scared” or “I had a bad dream.”  At any rate, the sleep-interrupted nights are beginning to get old, ESPECIALLY because…

I’ve been a ca-Razy lady with the painting projects and am pretty tired.  I got our master bedroom done with the most beautiful, soft seafoam green-ish blue called “Valley Mist.”  (Pictures will come once we get our huge window valance and curtains up).  I spontaneously painted the entire kitchen-family room wall last week (despite the fact that it was – according to yours truly – “the last room I would paint.”) The kitchen, I painted Behr’s “Ground Ginger” – it’s the perfect celery green that I wanted.  Sometimes it’s yellow, sometimes it’s green; all times it’s awesome.   I’ve also sanded down, primed, and quadruple-coat painted our (awesome Craigslist find) kitchen table.  I painted the top with omplete with black chalkboard paint.  Cool eh?  At our house, you're encouraged to draw on the table! (Well, the one in the kitchen.  And only with the right kind of dust-free chalk). In the last three days I’ve also painted about 15 flower pots (uncovered at my parentals’ formerly overgrown beach house).  And yesterday, I also painted both boys’ bedrooms (just their back window/wall).

It turns out I’m a bit of a mad scientist and unstoppable in the paint-mixing department.  I’ve now created two custom colors for our home (using paint brought over from the last house).  For the boys’ rooms, I created/painted, “Martin Midnight Magic.”  Yeah, it’s navy blue and pretty darn dark, but I think it looks good and the boys LOVE it.  Matthew is especially pumped as it looks perfect, according to him, for the “outerspace” portion of his Star Wars-themed bedroom. 

My other color masterpiece is what I’ve dubbed, “WINE not?!”  Holy dooty, I love it.  It’ll be on just a small accent wall under the stairs when you first walk in the front door. I used a dark red that I’d had in our old master bathroom for a few years.  I added a wee bit ‘o black to it and voila!  I love fun paint colors, but I definitely wanted some new stuff, so why shouldn’t I create our own new colors?  WINE not, I ask you?!

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