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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The next couple of weeks are so busy it makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. I just can’t bring myself to go into too many details ‘cuz it’s overwhelming, but I’ll attempt a brief list. In the next two weeks I will: attend five evening meetings, teach 14 classes and do music for one birthday party, I will register Matthew for Kindergarten, I will script and block and be in a promotional video as well as make the costumes for Mike & I, and I will be in constant communication with the videographer, and I will somehow stay on top of dishes and laundry and ‘normal’ life all while Mike’s schedule is thrown wackily into the air because he’s on a jury! The man, seriously, was born to be a juror. He reported for jury duty two years ago ON his birthday and was selected for the trial. And again, he received his summons for Federal Court jury selection a couple of weeks ago. He reported on Monday, and sure enough, to my utter glee, he was selected.

‘Your “glee,”’ you say? Yes, ‘tis true. I am so very fascinated by the whole jury duty process and have never gotten to participate. I’m sure my day will come, but until then I’ll just harass Mike with questions. The issue, of course, is that during the trial he’s not allowed to tell me ANYTHING about it. [OK, but let’s face it: even if he could tell me everything, he’s not the chattiest, most detailed guy]. This KILLS me. It’s like the presents just hanging out under the Christmas tree taunting me for weeks with their secret contents. I’m a huge fan of presents, and secrets and surprises as long as I am clueless of their existence. If I know that there’s a clandestine situation it eats at me and tortures me until I know every detail. This, my friends, is why Mike was MADE to be a juror. He is the superstar of secret-keeping and surprises, and he gets quite a bit of pleasure from the ability to torture me with his withheld knowledge.

I think if I ever got called for Jury Duty, I’d have to just sit there and say, “Look, peeps, the airport and Costco are two of my favorite places in the world for people-watching. And quite frankly, the whole jury-trial situation would be a mecca for studying interesting people and behavior. I’m DYING to do it, and I really want you to pick me, however, it’s only fair that I be totally honest. (I don’t have a choice, huh?) I’m REALLY bad at keeping secrets. It’s not that I blurt out details of gifts, but I definitely like to push the envelope with a bit of ‘I know what you’re getting, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nahhhh’ business. I just can’t help it.”

I think I’d be let-go. Mike should try this next time, since he’s a serial-requested-juror. People are supposedly called randomly for jury duty? Random-shmandom.

So, while we’re on the topic of secrets, I’ll drop a teaser now. Also, in the next two weeks, in the middle of my hectic busy schedule, two of my friends will be taking me to do something that some would consider a little wild, crazy and rebellious. And I’m SO excited about it! (If you know what it is, shhhh, don’t tell. Do a better job of keeping it a surprise than I can!). I pray that my parents still speak to me. After all, I’m nearly 29 and this may be the first time that I knowingly do something they won’t be super pumped about. So, they should be able to let this one transgression go, right?! (And by the way, it’s totally legal). But if they disown me, will you adopt me? Thanks.

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