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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th! It’s April 28th! Do you know what that means? My sweet little teeny-tiny Zachary is THREE YEARS OLD TODAY! I can’t believe it. And in true Zachy-fasion, he came charging into the kitchen at 6:30 this morning – full speed ahead with a one track, cereal-obsessed mind. I picked him up and said, “Do you know what today is?” He calmly said, “Is it my birthday now?” “YES!” I yelled and started dancing around the kitchen singing ‘Happy Birthday’ only to have him clap his hand over my mouth, shake his head and say, “No, Mommy. No singing. Cereal. Can I please have cereal?” That’s my boy.

Our boys have apparently been up to some clandestine business. Apparently they’re sneaking off somewhere and watching Disney Princess films. I mean, there are WORSE things for them to be doing or watching, but seriously. Seriously? Where are they learning this?

Last Friday, we went to a Hawaiian/Beach Party at church. I wore the sarong that Mike bought for me 7 years ago on our Honeymoon in Waikiki. The boys don’t see me dressed up that often. I wear skirts occasionally for church, but this sarong fanciness was just mystical and new. When Matthew saw me, he literally got down on one knee, took my hand in his, held it to his forehead and then kissed it. He called me, “Princess,” and then brought Zachary into the room to see me. He demonstrated his regal gentlemanly move to Zach and then coached his now-three-year-old brother on how to properly bow, kneel, take my hand, show respect and adoration and then kiss me. All while only referring to me as “Princess.” Our future daughter-in-laws better seriously appreciate the training that these boys have undergone. (But the question is WHERE have they learned this?! Oh well. Whatever. I’ll take it)!

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