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Thursday, May 14, 2009

In precisely one week I will be gracing the Windy City with my presence. I am SO excited – perhaps a little too excited – for my long weekend away! I’ll be flying to Chicago on the 21st and not stepping foot in the Evergreen State until the late eve of the 25th (the day after my birthday for those of you not in-the-know). The purpose of this trip is multi-faceted:

1.) I’ve not been in the Chicago area since I was…I believe 3 or 4. I don’t remember a thing about it and am super excited to see the city.
2.) I have family to stay with and visit! My cousin Anne, her husband and two offspring will open their home to me for two nights where I will do nothing but be the perfect house-guest. J I aim to please. I need to study up on what all this entails. I’ll get to see two uncles and my aunt for lunch as well as my other cousin, his wife and their newborn babe.
3.) I will also spend two nights with my dear friend Katherine and her parents. Katherine and I met when we were both starting our first year teaching at St. John’s in Seattle. (It wasn’t her first year of teaching, just first year at St. J’s). Katherine’s husband Dan is in the Special Forces, and right after we met, 9-11 took place, Dan was shipped off to a secret location, Mike and I were newlyweds and he was going through Chemo, I was a brand new teacher...basically, my world was strewn asunder in a pile of emotional distress. Katherine and I clicked right away. And perhaps it helps that our birthdays our two days apart! We became birthday buddies and for the last five years, since they moved away, she’s flown out for our bdays both times that Dan’s been deployed. He is currently serving his second deployment in Iraq, AND Katherine is pregnant with their first! So, I thought it genius to suggest we meet up in Chicago for our bday weekend!
When Katherine inquired what I’d like to do whilst in town, I immediately responded with: “I’d like to go out drinking and dancing!!” Just kidding! One – a pregnant mama-to-be and the other a mama of two, I won’t make my hostesses entertain…I’d be happy sitting in box somewhere reading! I’ll be on vacation! All alone! (Again, is it wrong to be so happy about having a mommy-break?! Eh. I’ll fight the guilt.) Besides, I’ll get to fly! And while I’m not a super huge fan of flying, I AM a very big fan of airports. They are one of my favorite places in the whole world to people-watch. I can’t wait!

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