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Monday, March 31, 2014


I haven’t wanted to write for a bit because I’m getting tired of writing about being sad.  I feel that, unfortunately, I’ve turned into a whiney person.  Those closest to me get to hear me whine nearly every day, so I figure the least I can do is (occasionally) force myself to censor my blog from my whiney ways.

But here’s the truth: thus far 2014 has had a really sucky pattern to it.  It’s gone like this: sick for a week, good (or OK) for two weeks; sick for a week, good for two.  Last week was supposed to be my first week of the two good weeks.  I was excited that it was my first healthy week so – as always – I was anxious to get back to my exercise schedule (that definitely takes a hit during my sick week).  I set out for my first run.  I ran a block – nay, half a block – and suddenly my right ankle started to hurt.  I ignored it and hobbled on for the last half of the block.  I then realized it freakin’ hurt a lot and could no longer be ignored.  I hobbled home and whined to Mike about it.  I spent the rest of my first good week hardly exercising because of my stupid sore ankle. Super stupid. And whiney.

Later on Saturday (first day of stupid sore ankle day), we were at our best friends’ house.  I was whining to Jason about my woes, because – poor guy – hasn’t gotten to hear me whine quite as much as everyone else and I imagine he feels very left out.  I believe my current whine was about my inability to truly get into my exercise routine due to my frequent colds, etc. and now, there’s this ankle business and I’ve already put on a solid 10 pounds of grief weight so this really wasn’t helping.

Jason told me that there’s a word in German for the weight gain that often accompanies grief.  It’s made up of two words and directly translated to English means, “GRIEF BACON.” 

I decided to be Vegan for Lent.  Mike and I both did it last year and found it was definitely a huge sacrifice.  I felt great and thought that it would be not only an extra challenge this year but obviously healthy.  It resets my eating habits and with my 10 pounds gained since dad died, I could use that.

I’ll admit that just hearing about “grief bacon” made me salivate and long for the sound and smell of sizzling bacon.  Tofu just doesn’t quite have the same effect on your senses.

MMmm, bacon and cheese and…while most of the time the Vegan business hasn’t been TOO difficult, it’s hard!  Ahh, shoot, and now I’m whining about my Lenten sacrifice and you’re definitely not supposed to do that.  Lent fail.  Maybe I should just throw in the towel and go fire up some grief bacon!

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