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Monday, August 12, 2013

Not so lazy August

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a while.  I warned you: I told you that August was going to get cray-cray-busy-bananas and here it is!  The first five days of August we were in Spokane – at the District V Engaged Encounter Convention and seeing Mike’s family.  We had a WONDERFUL trip.  The kids did great on the 5.5 hour drive there.  They were each allowed two questions in the “are we there yet?” or “How much longer?” realm.  Matthew used his up by the time we got to Ellensburg (about two hours away).  Zachary still had his questions when we pulled into the Spokane hotel parking lot!  The Convention – as always was TONS of fun and also spiritually rejuvenating!  I was asked at the last minute to help out with music – singing and fluting – it was fun to dust off my chops and rock a mic again.  (Let’s face it; I’m always rocking a Mike though).
Speaking of Mike…yesterday we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary!  We’re actually ‘celebrating’ tomorrow night with a date/outing.  The last several days Mike was actually at a computer nerd gaming hootenanny/tournament thingy, so he was in heaven.  The kiddos and I managed to stay out of trouble, hang out with friends, AND stay out of the ER! (Unlike our wedding anniversary last year when we had to meet up with my parents in the ER so that Kayliana’s dislocated elbow could be popped back in).  We’re praying for an ER-free year!
Anyway, back to last weekend in Spokane.  We were excited to have the chance to see Mike’s dear Aunt Dolores and Uncle Harry and we were able to get together with a bunch of Mike’s fam that we’ve not seen in years.  Everybody’s doing well and of course multiplying – there were little kid cousins everywhere!  Mike’s cousin Sheri took some great photos too!  I’m working on getting some of these in frames and on the wall.
This week, I’m trying to do some planning for the school year – contacting Montessori schools to see if I might land another gig for my Little Ditties Music Academy classes. We’ll see…
At the end of the week, we’re heading to my parents’ Port Ludlow beach house with the BFF’s for a LONG weekend of awesome, magic, fun.  I. Can’t. Wait.  Pictures and details to come!  
Too bad Kayli was tired and cranky here! We may have to just photo shop a smile and use this on Christmas cards. :D

She turned the charm back on for her photo shoot later though!

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