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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I blinked and now have TWO elementary school offsprings – a 1st grader and a 3rd grader.  The latter will turn 9 tomorrow.  That’s like, ELDERLY by little kid standards.  It’s not little kid even, it’s just full-on big boy, stinky-feet KID.  CRAZY.


Thankfully, before this morning’s momentous school bus departure, the kiddos and I spent a lovely weekend together with my parentals (along with my brother Chris) at their Port Ludlow beach house.  We went to the “lagoon beach” to catch crabs and find sand dollars, we swam in the pool and collected sea glass at a different beach.  Mike stayed home as he was attending a video grame tournament/conference thingy – basically the OLYPMICS of video game playing.  Needless-to-say, we ALL had a great weekend.


Before we left town on Friday, the kids and I went to their new school to meet their teachers. I’m pretty sure they both scored in the teacher department this year.  Matthew’s 3rd grade teacher seems totally great and lives down the street from us with her hubby and three daughters!  Zachary’s 1st grade teacher: well, her last name, if lacking an “e” would be “Ms. Candy,” and she sure does seem sweet.  Honestly, if Zachary doesn’t have a crush on her by the end of the year, I’d be surprised.  I already do!  She’s adorable! 


In the classroom, we waited (Kayliana, IMPATIENTLY) for our turn to speak with “Ms. Candy.”  We kept having pain-in-the-butts cut in front of us in line.  While some DID apologize, (“Oh, so sorry, this’ll just take a minute.”)  Others took forever.  One family – new to the school like us – even asked Ms. Candy things like, “What’s on the lunch menu on Tuesday?!”  ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. RIGHT. NOW.??  Did that seriously just come out of your mouth hole?!!  Look it up on-line, peeps.


By the time, Ms. Candy finally made it to us; she was quietly VERY apologetic for our having to wait.  Zach – not one to typically be shy – immediately clammed up upon meeting his teacher.  She put out her hand to shake his and he just stared at it as if he had NO clue what to do with such a gesture.  (She ended up just patting his hand).  And when she asked him if he preferred Zachary or Zach, he gruffly replied, “I don’t care.”  Nice.  Friendly kid!


This morning, on the walk to the bus stop, I asked the boys if they were excited. 


Matthew said, “Yeah, but I’ll have no friends.”  I reminded him that nearly his entire baseball team goes to our new school, and that they’ll all be at the same recess even if they’re not in his class.  Also, he’ll make lots of new friends as well.  Zachary piped up with a (NOT) helpful, “Matthew doesn’t make new friends well.  I do that way better than him.”


I chastised him, saying that wasn’t nice, but Matthew quickly interjected, “No, he’s right.  I’m a lot shyer than he is.”


Well, OK, then.  Both boys did get on the bus happily and without incident in their MATCHY shirts (which THEY decided on).  Mike, Kayliana and I waved them off and headed home for our first day with two kids gone ALL day.  WhatEVER shall I do with myself?!

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