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Thursday, September 20, 2012

curtains, projects, oh my!

We’ve got curtains, people; we’ve got curtains.  All together, about six burly strapping men assisted in some aspect of installing the valance in our room.  It was a huge pain, a crazy hassle, but SO worth it.  This valance (which my parentals got for free at an estate sale) was MADE for our room.  It’s pretty awesome.  Mikey also got the curtains up in the dining room which beautifully match the burgundy and gold colors from the living room.  I’ve been busy trying to finish up the deck stain-project before fall weather really arrives.  Meanwhile, the boys are getting adjusted to their new school (and are already comfortable enough that Zach has gotten in trouble – surprise, surprise).  Kayli’s adjusting to being the only kiddo here most days and NOT sleeping well at night. Grrr.  I’m also getting ready to teach my first music classes in two and half years (come Monday)! AND we’re having one last camping trip this weekend (rescheduled from Wenatchee – due to the fires and burn ban – to Mt. St. Helen’s.  The boys thought that it was kinda foolish of us to go camp next to a volcano. “Uh, isn’t that really dangerous, mom?” Hopefully not!)


I’m pooped!

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