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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Yeeeah, so sleep may trump blogging for the next few weeks. But we will survive and here’s how:

 Somehow, we WILL get the whole house packed – like EVERYTHING.  We WILL get the unreasonably long (and cruel) list of demands for the buyers of our home completed (we will pray a lot that they accept it all at their 5 days-pre closing REinspection).  We will adequately celebrate Matthew’s First Communion and enjoy out of town/visiting family.  We will acknowledge my birthday (and even, ideally, spend Memorial Day weekend – the two days before we move – with my family at the beach house in Port Ludlow).  We will attend nearly all of Matthew’s baseball games and practices (thrice a week, mind you).  We will have a visit from the Tooth Fairy (Zach has one big ‘ol dangly tooth in the middle/top of his mouth).  We will keep Kayli out of harms way (or attempt to) – I’ve donated her changing table as that was the latest victim of her climbing habits and it was just a bit too wobbly to be the continuous source of her ever developing gymnastic feats.  I will continue to go for runs with my neighbor three mornings a week and get to the gym for Spin and weight training one day a week as that is one of my main sources of sanity (and keeps me from – hopefully – NOT gaining 400 pounds from stress-induced eating).  I will attempt to sleep well during the next four weeks despite the fact that I wake up nearly every single morning with a splitting headache as, when stressed, I clench my jaw and grind my teeth in my sleep.  I will continue to have a nightly 5pm glass of wine and not judge or accept the judgements of others should that 5pm glass of wine need to come at 4:45 or 4:15.  I will try to stick with just my ONE dose of antioxidents (dark chocolate) every morning with my coffee…though many mornings right now, it’s more likely to be two…because I need the extra dose.  I will try, despite all this stress, to still be a good friend, to spend quality time with my husband and my children and to not constantly act like a totally, insanely stressed out maniac despite feeling that way.  If the stress gets to be too much, I will listen to one of my favorite songs of all time (that saw me through a lot of my darkest Post Partum Depression moments): I will also listen to Christmas music as that makes me just as happy. I will remember that in the big picture, that selling our wonderful first home where so many happy memories were made and moving to our dream “The One” – forever house – where so many MORE happy memories will be made, is actually a really wonderful thing and that the moving/stress part of it is just the beginning of the adventure!

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