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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I was recently telling my mom how CRAZY it is that in just a little over a month we will (HOPEFULLY) need to have every belonging packed up and cleared out of here for moving day – May 28th!  We’ve reached “Mutual Acceptance” on the home we want to buy, which means things are finally starting to REALLY come together!!  When Larry and Kathy (realtor-extraordinaires) called to say, “Congratulations, you’re buying a house!”  I, of course, shrieked a little and got VERY excited.  Then, just as often happens, Mike was the voice of reason.  Don’t get me wrong, he was happy and excited but this was the conversation:

Me: YAY! (shouting)

Mike: Yay! (with happiness but at a normal volume).

Me: YAY. (with some insinsistence that he reach my level of joy/volume).

Mike: Yay! (more monotone).  Now we have more paperwork to do.

Me: OK, but YAY!

Mike: Yay. (even more monotone).  Now we have to get through the inspections.

Me: (a little angry now), Yes, I know, but YAY. (darn it).

Mike: Yay.  Oh, we need to write the big, fat earnest money check….but, yes, yay!

Me: Monotone yay.

See, I’ve learned that there are about 25 hoops to get through before you’ve actually successfully sold/bought a home.  It’s kind of like how I felt when I learned how that whole babies-are-made thing.  First, it grossed me out a little (I was 9 or 10 at the time) and then I wondered: if SO many things need to happen for a baby to be conceived, it’s kind of amazing that so many do get made!    

So, a lot still needs to happen for THIS to all work out, but I know, somehow, in the end, it will.  Tuesday was a good day.  We found out that they’d accepted our offer on the home we wish to buy.  Yesterday was an awful day since we got the inspection report and list of demands for the buyers of our current home.  When I asked Larry how bad it was he said (and I quote).  “Bad.  It’s pretty awful.”  Four pages. FOUR pages.  Over 25 things that they want us to do, fix, replace, repair, purchase, change.  Ugh. It hurt.  And to make matters worse, Larry was told, quite clearly, by the Buyers’ agent that if we don’t comply, these buyers are VERY likely to walk away from the deal.  (Totally feels like blackmail, doesn’t it?!).

We only said no to a couple of items on the list, and even to those we did our best to say, “Well, sort of ‘no’ but here’s our very excellent reason for saying that…”

I called my mom in tears yesterday after reading through everything that we’re expected to do in the next few weeks…not to mention the fact that I still have to pack the whole house…oh, and it’s Zach’s birthday weekend in another day and we’re having two nights of sleepovers with our best friends’ kiddos – 6 kids hanging here this weekend (which, I am actually REALLY looking forward to and thankfully the 4 boys do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves…I’ll just be entertaining Kayliana and 1 year old bff Veronica)…we also have two baseball games and a practice every week for Matthew…we also have Mike’s sister, brother-in-law and new baby coming for a weekend for Matthew’s First communion (also something that I’m REALLY excited about)…anyway, I could go on and on with all the activities (99% of them fun) that are already down for the month of May.

So, I’m whining to my mom about how CRAZY it is that we have to pack the whole house and do ALL these stupid repairs ‘n house projects ‘n stuff and it’s just crazy and crazy and CRAZY and my mom calmy says:

“Jenny, you specialize in crazy.  You’re always busy.  You always have tons going on, and you always get it all done.  We’ll get through this together, you’ll have plenty of help, but, for the record, you do crazy all the time and the rest of us just sit back and enjoy it.”

Well, here’s to crazy!  ‘Cuz it’s a-comin’!

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Carmel said...

That now hold the record for most times the word, "yay" has been used in a blog post.