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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ugh.  Mike and I have been sick.  Because, you know, we don’t have enough on our plates already what with moving in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS ‘n all.  Thankfully, the kids didn’t really get this nastiness – at least not like Mike and I did.  And Zachary certainly hasn’t slowed down at all as I received the following email from his kindergarten teacher:

“The main things  I am seeing is that he chooses to talk during whole group lessons and then doesn’t know what the assignments are.  This also disrupts others.   He also has decided to be the class clown and does a really good job of it!  This only happens once in awhile .  He has never been disrespectful but sometimes he comes close to being sassy to me.”

 So, I should I be proud that my child is excelling at what he puts his mind to??  I must say I’m not surprised that in only his first year of elementary school he’s earned the title of Class Clown (or apparently dubbed himself with that important role).  Even as a 5 pound preemie in the NICU, the nurses joked about how he had ‘spirit’ and always had a little twinkle in his eye like he was up to something.  He’s living up to our expectation I suppose!

Today, my mom and I get to go see his class’ Mother’s Day presentation of “The Three Little Pigs.”  I’m VERY much looking forward to seeing my little dramatic clown in action!

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