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Thursday, April 05, 2012

We spent the last 24 hours undergoing nail-biting home-purchasing negotiations AND finally – yay! Finally, we were told that, in the nick ‘o time, we’d be receiving an offer on our home. For several hours it all seemed like it was going to perfectly come together.

Yeah right.

None of it came together. Once again, we were told to anticipate an offer only to have the buyer change his mind at the last moment (after the agent wrote up all the paperwork and everything). So, once again, without an offer, we can’t do anything to buy this particular home and it goes to someone else.

Stupid someone else.

Whatever, the yard was too small anyway. (That’s what I’m telling myself to expedite the mourning process on this one).

On top of all the crazy house business (oh, you know, no big deal, just buying A HOUSE), we’ve also discovered a startling truth: Matthew is lying on a bed of lies. He is the Boss of an undercover, black market, covert-ops, completely illegal (school rules-breaking) 2nd grade Lego-trading mafia ring.

We don’t know quite how long it’s been going on. (We think for several months).

We don’t know how many young thugs are involved in this nefarious crime. (We think four).

We don’t know how many Lego’s were lost during this time. (We think at least one and possibly many, many more).

We don’t know if this surprising streak of leadership in Matthew will lead to him being a creative and successful business entrepreneur or the head Boss of an illegal trading ring of some sort. (We’re hoping the former).

When we finally got to the bottom of the web of deceit (we think, we HOPE we finally have the full story), Matthew – through endless tears – gulped out, “I just hope my friends still like me even though I….sniffle….sob….spilled the beans!”

And later, when we were attempting to uncover the pattern of this illegal activity, Matthew admitted that he had plans to perform one of these shady transactions tomorrow. “Well, I had planned to do a trade with Nathan tomorrow, but I guess I’ll just have to cancel that.”

Cancel that, you will, my friend. And all future prohibited trading as well. No more Lego-black market swaps. No sir. Not on my watch.

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Ashley said...

it has been so fun catching up on your blog. Since you don't title your blog posts I get so excited each time I see a new entry on my blog roll that you got an offer on your house and are selling it. I am crossing my fingers for you guys!! Thank you too for sharing your adoption story on your blog it has been encouraging to learn of you success in that as my husband and I undergo an adoption...we are just finishing up the Home Study.

♥ Ashley