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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A week ago was Valentine’s Day. Cupid brought me a nasty-asty cold. It was terrible and I’m still fighting it, but somehow, God gave me/us the extra drive and energy to still work our hynees off and get the house ready for listing this week. And yet, I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am. SOOOoooo exhausted. But, we’ve done it. Here we are! The big day.

This morning, the photographer arrived for the photo shoot. Basically, today was like our precious home’s wedding day and I stood around grinning like a doofus proud mama. Seriously, it was like a wedding day in that our home will never have so many photos taken of it; it doesn’t actually look like this on a daily basis, and it will likely never look this way again. Obviously, the photographer will take way better photos (and his didn’t have the tv on, the random children props in view, etc.), but here are some of mine. Of course, just like on many wedding days, the weather was unpredictable and not pleasant. He’ll doctor up the photos just enough to brighten things up, but he did say he didn’t have to touch up anything else as our home looked “fantastic.” Yup, proud mama.

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