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Monday, February 27, 2012

First of all, I’m pleased to report that my bloggy-document surpassed quite a milestone recently. I’m now well over 400 pages single spaced which means that in almost six years I’ve written an 800-plus page novel about myself…that strikes me as crazy and a bit, uh, I dunno, slightly self-absorbed perhaps. Ya think?

Around this time of year -- just before my tulips are up -- I start reminiscing about how it all began. Checking into a hospital bed on March 15th and not getting out of it for seven weeks was quite the adventure. (And I nearly missed the tulips, in fact). I am very thankful that Mike suggested I start the blog to keep family and friends posted on my status...I had to do SOMETHING with that time. And I appreciate that people continued reading despite the fact that many early on postings consisted of my updated cervix measurements. Thankfully, life's changed since then and I have no cervical news to report. Phew!

Anyway, moving on to our LATEST adventure: our house was, as of Friday, officially for sale/on the market. I’m so pumped to report that we’ve already had 6 showings come in and another already scheduled for tomorrow! Today I experienced the epitome of having your house for sale: I was getting some laundry-folded (clothes all over the place) while Kayli sat in the high chair covered in food and crumbs when I got a realtor’s phone call. “Could we come in 25 minutes?” Obviously, I could’ve said no or asked for a little more time, but I told myself that unless it’s seriously detrimental to our family in some way, I want to say yes to every opportunity for someone to see our house. I ran around like a headless chicken for about 10 minutes, when I detected a weird odor. Kayliana had made herself one heck of a dirty diaper, but I wasn’t about to change it in the house…I had to put her in the car seat while I finished up inside and then changed her in the car before finally exiting the garage – with minutes to spare, I might add.

(On the other side of the equation, by the way, we have yet to find a house for US to buy and move to. Fingers crossed that this all works out or I might hold a lottery of my blog readers and the lucky winner will get to house our family of five until further notice).

Since there was a showing shortly after that one, we picked Zach up from the bus stop and headed to Burger King for lunch and to play/kill time.

In the car Zach groaned all of a sudden, “Ahhhh, man!! I forgot!”

“What did you forget?” I asked.

“I forgot to ask Allison something really important today.” (Allison is a girl in his class. Zachary has recently dropped the bomb on us that he’s “in love with her.” This is a HUGE problem as you’ll recall Zach is already betrothed to our best friends’ daughter, Veronica. We’re working through it and hoping it’s just a phase that he needs to get out of his system. He’s such a little Casanova.)

“What did you forget to ask her?” I inquired.

“I forgot to ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. I think maybe she wants to be a doctor but that’s a problem ‘cuz if I’m going to be a secret agent/ninja but also have kids then she’s going to need to not work so that I can go do my spy stuff.”


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