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Friday, December 17, 2010

Kayliana is a month (and two days) old!! She celebrated in style yesterday. We attended Matthew’s winter concert at school (where she made several teachers ooh-and-ahh over her Christmas dress and about which Zach later made the interesting statement, “Matthew, I could HEAR you NOT singing.” Deep). We then went to her one month doctor’s appointment where she was gifted the green light to daily drink 2 ounces of prune juice to help with the, uh, “issues.” She’s pumped. Dr. Benda, whilst running through her checklist asked if Kayliana has, by chance, started smiling. I eagerly reported that just that morning – being a total genius – she seemed to discover the art of grinning and just wouldn’t stop. And I didn’t try to stop her! Dr. Benda asked about tummy time, I reported that she’s a champ and raises her head and turns it and all that cool stuff. She asked if she makes eye contact (totally). Does she kick her legs and arms? Yes. Yes. And Yes. Yet another genius Martin on our hands. And then Kayliana really pulled out all the stops and Dr. Benda – who obviously has seen plenty of kiddos and babes in her day – commented, “Wow! She’s got some seriously strong lungs. This girl’s got a loud cry!” I tried to explain that Kayli’s loud crowd is saved for moments of torture (aka nudity, every diaper change, and pooping), but Dr. Benda couldn’t hear me.

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