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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As the clock struck midnight and it officially became Christmas morning, I found myself unwrapping the most – unique – homemade package from Kayliana. Of course all my complaining of her constipation issues would lead to a Christmas morning miracle! Thankfully, she’d slept through early Christmas Eve Mass, because once we were home she was one unhappy little constipation-stricken baby girl!

The boys got to bed around 9pm that eve and then we waited. We waited. The boys waited for Santa. We waited for Kayliana to poop so that the boys would go to sleep so that Santa could come. It’s all in the eager anticipation, my friends. We kept peeking in on the boys and every time Matthew just stared back at us with wide excited eyes. Eventually it appeared that he’d finally given in and sleep had taken over. I started to nibble on one of the cookies left out for Santa (one of Aunt Jamie’s delicious coconut macaroons). Thankfully, I’d just placed the partially eaten goodie back on the plate when Matthew stumbled out into the living room (and thankfully it was a macaroon and not perfectly round to begin with, so you couldn’t see the extracted bites).

Matthew sleepily said, “I can’t sleep. Kayliana’s keeping me up.” All the while, he’s not making eye contact with us as his eyes dart wildly around the room searching for any sign that Santa’s maybe already made a brief appearance. We apologize to Matthew that Kayli was keeping him up, but she had a tummy ache and hopefully it’d be over soon and he HAD to get to sleep or Santa wouldn’t come. He started blearily back down the hall and then stopped. Turning back his face was full of concern, “You and daddy have to get to sleep too or Santa won’t come, huh?”

“Yep,” I say, “We all need to get to sleep soon or Santa may skip over our house this year.” I’m evil. Now, he’s not going to go to sleep for the stress that Santa may just avoid us all together!

Eventually, Matthew DID give in. According to him, he fell asleep at 11:17. (Likely the last time he actually checked the clock). Kayliana did not get to sleep until 1am and we didn’t finally retire until 2. Thankfully, she gave us a nice long stretch and we didn’t have to get up until 7:45 to start breakfast, coffee and be ready for the allowed 8am-wake up from the kids.

Zach – of course – was the first one down the hall. He followed the rules perfectly and didn’t actually enter the living room. I sent him back to wake up a VERY tired Matthew. The looks on their faces were priceless this year! (Matthew was thrilled with his Lego fire helicopter, to say the least. And the flower headband Santa brought for Kayli is as big as her head! Guess she’ll grow into it). I attempted to catch some of them on film, but there’s just nothing like experiencing Christmas morning through the eyes of a child.

Only 360 days, 13 hours, 16 minutes to go!

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