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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This is what love looks like…I don’t know what made me think of this picture this morning, but I did. And then I immediately felt a twinge of my picture-printing (or lack thereof) guilt. I have yet to really start photo albums for the boys, I have yet to get some more recent pictures of the boys framed and hung on walls. The guilt. But anyway, this picture is kind of magical (in my humble opinion), and never ever could have turned out had we tried to pose for it. Mike was ready with the camera and I’m so thankful to have captured this moment on film. It was the first time Matthew got to hold Zachary and the first time he saw his baby brother without any weird looking NICU stuff all around him. And my gosh! Zach was so tiny with his little flesh wrinkles and lack of baby chubs.

My mom came to the house to stay with Matthew while we went back to the hospital to finally get to bring Zach home from the NICU. While we were gone, Matthew asked my mom if he’d get to play trucks with Zachary. Well, now there are certainly days (multiple times a day!) when Matthew wishes that Zach wouldn’t want to play trucks with him! But the look on Matthew’s face – of innocent brotherly love and affection kind of makes me catch my breath. And for whatever reason, I just felt like sharing this picture with you today. Hope it makes you smile!

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Kelly said...

this is the cutest picture jenny!