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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Matthew loved his “kid interview” so much he wanted another one. And Zach got his say in too. (The first 11 questions are just Matthew, then Zach got involved so I specified after that).

1. What will you be when you grow up? Police officer.
2. What will you do? Catch robbers and put them in jail.
3. Who will be in your family? The mom and my six kids. Woah! That’ll be a lot of bunk beds.
4. Who is your wife? Abby. She’ll be a worker.
5. Where do the babies come from? In the mommy’s tummy, one by one.
6. How do the babies get in the mommy’s tummy? By God.
7. What kind of house will you live in? A huge, huge house.
8. What kind of car will you drive? A bus.
9. Will you have any pets? Uh, six dogs.
10. Who will take care of the dogs? All my children.
11. What will your kids’ names be? Jack, Bear, Abby, Nave, Nikki, John
12. What will Zach (little brother) be when he grows up? Zach: “A fireman.” Matthew: (Ooh, he’ll have lots of training to do). Zach: “Take the bad guys to jail.” Matthew: Oh, you’ll be a fire fighter that puts bad guys in jail. That’ll be weird. Zach: “I’ll put the strangers in jail…I don’t know about bad trees.” Matthew: Bad trees. There’s no such thing! Zach: “Bad guys live in bad holes.”
13. Zach, who will be in your family? Joshua and Noah.
14. What does the Easter Bunny? Put eggs at the people’s house.
15. What does Jesus do? He’s God.
16. What does God look like? (Matthew): A big ball of gold.
17. What happens when you die? You stay dead. You play with God in Heaven.
18. What happens to your toys when you die? Uh, you don’t play with them anymore.
19. What do Mommy and Daddy do when you’re not here? Zach: Die. Matthew: When I’m not around you fix the lamps.
20. If you could change anything about Mom or Dad what would it be? Matthew: They’ll look all old.

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