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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All I can say is I don't understand Daylight Savings. Every time it rolls around I get all befuddled by the concept. "So, wait, the new 5 o'clock is really 4 o'clock? It's lighter...later? But darker earlier...or later?" Look, it's just beyond my comprehension. I don't know if a flow chart would help or a explanitory cartoon complete with conversation bubbles (think early grade science book, perhaps). But not only is confusing -- it's exhausting! And whoever came up with this 'time changing concept' obviously did NOT have children. You can reset a clock. You cannot reset a child. It's tricky business. So, we've done what any any good parent does, we've been going nonstop -- running our children constantly in order to wear them out to hopefully get them reset to this new craziness called 'Daylight Savings'. Monday morning, with dread I awoke to my alarm going off at the 'new' "5:30" (um, really, it's 4:30, people! It's 4:30)! With the slim chance of snow in the forecast, I slowly pulled back the curtain and to my utter glee saw a blanket of white covering every surface. No, "6am" (5AM!!) run for me, thank you very much. The snow has long since melted and yet I still feel like I'm trying to make up for that lost hour.

This weekend we'll be watching our friends' two little boys. From Friday morning 'til Sunday night we'll be chasing after four boys under the age of 5...5 1/2 actually. (Matthew's been correcting us on that ever since his 1/2 birthday last week.) I have a feeling with the extra rippers ripping around here getting caught up on time and sleep is somewhat out of the question. Can't we turn the clocks back, puh-lease?!

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