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Friday, March 14, 2008

Zach is all about the pronunciation. For an almost-two-year-old, the boy’s got serious vocab-skills. I feel like he kind of skipped over that baby talk thing. (I suppose I could read back through my Blog and find actual documentation of this…or discover that I’ve already written on this topic…or find that I often quoted his ‘baby talking’ proving that I’m a big fat liar, but we’ll just move forward). He’s also pretty big into repeating EVERYTHING we say…and everything that Matthew says. Unfortunately, Matthew occasionally gets into that four-year-old boy potty/body talk thing that drives everyone within hearing up the wall. You’ll say something like, “OK, time for bed.” And you’ll get the response of, “OK, time for my bum.” (Which, it turns out, if you’re four, and a boy, is the most clever and funniest thing imaginable!).

Today, I was giving Matthew a hard time because he was in my facial cheek vicinity – I expected him to give me a nice little sonly kiss but instead he snorted out his nose onto my face. “Matthew!” I cried. “No! You weren’t supposed to snort! You’re supposed to kiss my cheek.” Matthew – under his breath, the cheeky little booger – muttered something that I couldn’t quite catch. Zachary, however did. And he proudly shouted, “kiss my bum!” Yeah, not cool, Matthew. Not cool.

So, as I said, Zach has extraordinary pronunciation...with the exception of one word: yogurt. Really, when you think about it, yogurt is a peculiar sounding word; especially the gurt part. In French, it’s even better: yaourt. (Pronounce: yow-urt). Zach’s yogurt pronunciation is best of all: GA-HONK. It’s quite catchy too. Matthew has even started asking for ga-honk. I don’t think that’s the direction we’d like to go, but it is kinda funny. So, go enjoy some ga-honk today!

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